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Less than 24 hours


[Expired – Read this post for latest promotion] Final reminder 🙂 Webull’s current attractive deal is set to end on May 31, 2023, at 15:59 SGT (4:00 PM). After this cutoff time, the deal will be modified and become less appealing. If you are considering signing up with Webull using StocksCafe referral, please note that you have less than 24 hours remaining to take advantage of this...

Final Call


TLDR; We have two updates to share: 1) Starting from June, Webull is expected to decrease their signup rewards and implement stricter qualification criteria. Sign up in May to qualify for their current generous rewards with just SGD 1 funding. 2) We are currently collaborating with our users to shape the future of StocksCafe. This is an opportunity for you to make your voice heard and influence...

Community Proposed Events


Approximately a year ago, we introduced the Events feature, which greatly simplified the management of events, particularly stock splits. When you accept a pending event, the system automatically generates transactions for you to effortlessly handle the stock split. This means that buy and sell transactions are automatically created with the accurate number of shares and corresponding pricing...

Webull Birthday GiveAways


If you have yet to sign up with Webull, now is a great time to do so via StocksCafe’s referral link as Webull and StocksCafe are giving out great sign-up gifts! And if you’re already a Webull user, be sure to share this amazing offer with your friends and family. Webull is celebrating its 1st birthday and is giving out the best sign-up gifts to date!1) Guaranteed to win shares worth...

Migrating to Custom Assets


In the previous article, we promised to create a tool for users to easily migrate from Other Assets to Custom Assets. Here are the steps to easily migrate. Go to this page on desktop Choose the asset to migrate. Choose the portfolio to migrate the transactions to Choose the symbol for the asset [Optional] Add a website for the asset, if any Tip: We highly encourage users to create a separate...

Custom Assets


TLDR; If you are using or plan to use the Other Assets feature in StocksCafe, you should continue reading. Else, you can skip. About 5 years ago, we introduced the ability to track assets other than those listed in exchanges supported by StocksCafe. The motivation is simple. Everyone of us have assets beyond those supported by StocksCafe. However, we made a mistake. In the backend, we created...

Overwhelming Support


Being laid off is definitely not a good feeling. It somewhat reminds me of getting dumped. Lots of emotions and full of confusion 🙁 The silver lining is that I have received such overwhelming support after the previous post. It is easily the most commented and liked post! So many have volunteered to join the discussion, quite a few reached out to suggest ways to collaborate, and a few literally...

Your Position Has Been Impacted


TLDR; Do not worry, your stock position(s) in StocksCafe did not get impacted. This is more of a personal update. As many of you might know, I have always held a full time job while I built StocksCafe on the side. However, that has changed due to a dreadful email titled “Your Position Has Been Impacted” that I received just a few days ago. Unfortunately, I am one of the many that got...

March Promotions


TLDR; In March 2023, signing up with Moomoo or Webull through StocksCafe referral link can still earn you fantastic rewards, including up to five years of free Global Friend subscription. Occasionally, some users express concern over the cost of StocksCafe. To address this, we have partnered with brokerages. By signing up with them through StocksCafe referral, you can test their platforms and...

Evan Koh & StocksCafe


TLDR; If you have some free time and wants to learn more about Evan Koh & StocksCafe, you can watch this interview (recommended to watch at 2x speed) I recently attended a networking event organized by Moomoo and had the good fortune of meeting Kelvin. Kelvin is a well-known YouTuber who runs the channel “Kelvin Learns Investing” where he covers various topics related to finance...

Evan Koh



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