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March Promotions


TLDR; In March 2023, signing up with Moomoo or Webull through StocksCafe referral link can still earn you fantastic rewards, including up to five years of free Global Friend subscription. Occasionally, some users express concern over the cost of StocksCafe. To address this, we have partnered with brokerages. By signing up with them through StocksCafe referral, you can test their platforms and...

Evan Koh & StocksCafe


TLDR; If you have some free time and wants to learn more about Evan Koh & StocksCafe, you can watch this interview (recommended to watch at 2x speed) I recently attended a networking event organized by Moomoo and had the good fortune of meeting Kelvin. Kelvin is a well-known YouTuber who runs the channel “Kelvin Learns Investing,” where he covers various topics related to finance...

Sembcorp Marine acquisition of Keppel O&M


TLDR; If you do not own Keppel (SGX:BN4), you can stop reading. If you have them on 23 Feb 2023, you can either accept this event or handle it yourself with the recommendations below. For every 1000 shares of Keppel that you have on 23 Feb 2023, you are expected to get 191,000 shares of Sembcorp (SGX:S51). See SGX announcement. Several users have asked how to handle this in this forum thread...

Webull Bonus Subscription Achieved


TLDR; We have increase the promotion for signing up with Webull via StocksCafe referral to 3 years of Global Friend Subscription for Feb 2023! As mentioned previously, if we are able to cross the 60 referrals mark in Feb 2023 (which we did!), we will award everyone who signed up with Webull via StocksCafe referral link during Feb 2023 an extra year of subscription (i.e. total of 3 years). Thank...

SG T-Bills 2.0


About 5 months ago, StocksCafe started supporting Singapore T-Bills as it was becoming popular due to the ever increasing interest rates. Soon, hundreds of users have enter their T-Bills transactions into StocksCafe. Today, I would like to share two features that was added yesterday that will make your T-Billing life easier. Auto-create sell transactions Previously, you would need to create both...

FX Rate of SGD 1 to USD 50


TLDR; StocksCafe and Webull have a special collaboration from now till 28 Feb 2023 where you just need to fund your Webull account with at least SGD 1 and you are guaranteed to get at least USD 50 worth of stocks (up to USD 500). In addition, you will also get two years Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription worth SGD 90. Sign up now via StocksCafe referral link to participate in this great...

Webull Flash Deal


TLDR; Sign up with WeBull and fund the account with at least SGD 1 and keep your account for 30 days to get USD 50 to 500 worth of shares and 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 90) before 28 Feb 2023.

Learn more about this deal here. Thanks!

You Got Paid!


We are happy to share that we have built a new feature where you will be notified whenever you receive dividends (i.e. on PayDate)! All you need to do is simply go to the settings page (for desktop, for mobile), look under the “Dividend Notification Email” section, and check the “On PayDate” box. Then, on days when you are expected to receive dividends, you will receive an...

Moomoo x StocksCafe


It has been quite a few months since we started our collaboration with Moomoo, and we thought it was time to negotiate with Moomoo to update it with a better deal. So from now till 31 March 2023, when you sign up with Moomoo and fund it with at least SGD 2,000 using this StocksCafe referral link, you will get 3 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 125). You can also earn...

Connect Google Login to existing Account


TLDR; For users who are still using username & password or Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please read on. If you are already using Google Login or very happy using username & password, you can skip 🙂 As we switch to the new mobile web interface, a few users are sharing that they are facing issues with saving the login and password (so that they do not need to remember them)...

Evan Koh



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