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Welcome Week


One of the key focus for StocksCafe in 2022 is getting more people to understand and appreciate the value that StocksCafe can bring them. This is especially true for new users who just joined us. Hence, we just released a “Welcome Week” series that aims to help you better leverage StocksCafe in your investing journey. Over the course of 7 days, it will send a short private message...

Quick Update: Indexes in StocksCafe


StocksCafe is always doing its best to improve itself, and the latest addition to StocksCafe is indexes. You can view the list of indexes that is now supported by StocksCafe. For now, we have only added a few popular ones. If there are others that you would like to see, let us know and we will see if we can add it. What Can You Do With Indexes? You can use it as a benchmark if you like. Although...

Sync your TD Ameritrade Transactions Effortlessly


One of the few processes in StocksCafe that has yet to be fully automated is the entering of transactions into StocksCafe. While we would love to make your investment journey as smooth as possible, it is not easy to get this data from most brokerages. Thankfully, there are some exceptions such as TD Ameritrade where the brokerage provides APIs for third-parties to easily and safely retrieve your...

Market Update Email Additions


It’s been a while since I shared a feature update. Again, this does not mean that I am not working hard on StocksCafe, it’s just that I did not want to disrupt you with too many emails. Talking about emails, one of the more popular features in StocksCafe is the daily (or weekly, depending on your settings) market update emails. I regularly get notified by users if that email is...

Free Webinar: How to Build a REIT Portfolio into a Retirement Plan?


One of StocksCafe’s collaborators, Kenny Loh, will be giving a free webinar hosted by SGX. Date: 11 November 2021, ThursdayTime: 7 – 8.30 pm, SGTPrice: FreeEvent Link: sgxacademy.comAgenda Outline: – Gain insight into the characteristics of REITs as an Asset class– Explore the benefits and suitability of REITs in your retirement portfolio– Factors to consider when building your...

StocksCafe Now Supports Indian Exchanges


I am happy to share that StocksCafe now supports Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE)! This brings the total number of supported exchanges in StocksCafe to 10 – SGX, HKEX, KLSE, USX, LSE, TSE, SHE, SHG, BSE, and NSE! Of course, in addition to that, we also support Cryptocurrencies and Singapore Savings Bonds. If you know anyone that is investing in any of the...

StocksCafe’s YouTube Channel!


Since I started StocksCafe (SGXCafe then), I easily spent over 90% of the time on building the product. However, for a company to be sustainable and grow, building the product is only part of the equation. It is equally, if not more important, to put effort into marketing and representing the product properly. This is especially true for StocksCafe. As StocksCafe becomes more feature-loaded, it...

Welcome to the Dark Side!


Many users have been requesting for StocksCafe to join the Dark side 🙂 That is, to make Dark mode an option. As always, we do our best to meet users’ requests as long as it is within our means, especially if many requested for it. Today, we are happy to share that you can now choose between the Light and Dark color schemes. As this is our first iteration for the Dark color scheme, please...

StocksCafe Now Offers Singapore-Only Plans!


StocksCafe first started as SGXCafe in 2015 as we only supported SGX then. Over time, more exchanges were added as requested by users. However, some users started sharing that they only needed SGX and prefer not to purchase a plan that included everything. It took a while to work out and make the changes, but today – on National Day – we are happy to announce a new plan that is solely...

Saxo & Tiger Collaborations


When I first started StocksCafe more than 5 years ago, my intention was to share it freely. However, there are costs to keep a site like StocksCafe running, of which the biggest expense is data licensing, which easily runs north of 5 digits annually. Due to this, I started charging a small fee for usage. However, I understand that nothing beats being free. So I started searching for different...

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