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TD Ameritrade Alternatives


Two days ago, TD Ameritrade Singapore abruptly announced that they will only be focusing on Accredited Investors (AI) and non-AI users have less than a month to leave or they will charge a hefty monthly account maintenance fee of USD 50 from 27 Oct 2023. This is extremely disappointing as I personally really liked their interface for trading options, and of course their cheap fees. But in...

TradingView in StocksCafe


TradingView is arguably the gold standard in charting nowadays. Furthermore, in the recent round of Zoom discussions, it was also one of the features that was requested by a few users. So, as always, ask and you shall be given 🙂 Today, we are happy to share that we have successfully integrated with TradingView (in Desktop for now). If you go to any stock page (e.g. DBS, Apple), you will see that...

[Fixed] HK Data Not Updated


Update: This issue is now fixed. Many have reached out about HK data still stuck on 31 August. We are very sorry for the issue. This is caused by an issue on our data provider’s end and we are working with them to get this resolved as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are also exploring alternative data vendors if our current provider continues to give us issues. However, to be fair, they...

How to Track Your CPF and Property in StocksCafe?


Many of us in Singapore have an active CPF account and also maybe a property. Hence we would often get a question on how one can track their CPF and property “properly” in StocksCafe. First of all, StocksCafe is designed to track stocks hence it is not “perfect” for tracking non-stocks assets but we believe it can do a pretty decent job since it is after all simply about...

uSMART x StocksCafe


I’m sure you will agree that one of the biggest pain points of StocksCafe users is that we have to painstakingly manually enter the transactions made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all transactions could be synced to StocksCafe automatically? Today, I am super excited to share our collaboration with uSMART!  This is a special collaboration because with this, you no longer need to enter...

Auto-Sweep & Other Updates


It has been quiet on the blog for the past month or so, but a lot (of mostly boring development) has been happening back-end. Here are some updates that are more likely to interest you: Auto-Sweep This is used in conjunction with the Cash Balance feature. Quick Recap: Cash Balance allows you to easily track the amount of cash you currently have by tracking cash movements due to buy/sell...

Event Recap: First Zoom Meetup


For those that took time to join the meeting, thank you! Thank you also for answering the post-event survey. There are a few learnings for the next event:1) A few users could not join due to technical issues. In future, I will send out a link in advance on where to get technical help and have people on standby during the event.2) Slow down the pace, as I was speaking and demonstrating too fast3)...

See You Tomorrow (via Zoom)!


For those who have registered for StockCafe’s first-ever Zoom meetup, see you tomorrow, 1 July 2023, at 10am on Zoom. Please go to this link on Saturday morning to join the Zoom meeting. If you have not registered, there are still 20 spots left at the time of writing. As there are still spots left, we have decided to open it to everyone (no longer limited to Friends of StocksCafe only)...

Final Chance To Win Tesla Model 3


Webull is ending its anniversary celebration with a Tesla Model 3 lucky draw on 30 June, 17:30 SGT. Sign up with Webull by 30 June 15:59 SGT to be eligible for the draw. In addition, if you fund your account with SGD 100, you are guaranteed to get 4-20 free shares worth between USD 3 to 1,000! Keep the SGD 100 there for 30 days to get another 2-20 free shares. On top of all these, you will also...

First StocksCafe’s Zoom Meetup


TLDR; Sign up now to join StocksCafe’s first-ever Zoom event on 1 July 2023, 10am to 11am! As Zoom Pro only allows for 100 participants, we will be limiting it to only Friends of StocksCafe for now. A big THANK YOU to all who took time to participate in the recent user interviews. It was really great to be able to chat with everyone and learn about your investment journey and how StocksCafe...

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