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Moomoo x StocksCafe


It has been quite a few months since we started our collaboration with Moomoo, and we thought it was time to negotiate with Moomoo to update it with a better deal. So from now till 28 Feb 2023, when you sign up with Moomoo and fund it with at least SGD 100 using this StocksCafe referral link, you will get 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (previously it was only 1 year)...

Connect Google Login to existing Account


TLDR; For users who are still using username & password or Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please read on. If you are already using Google Login or very happy using username & password, you can skip 🙂 As we switch to the new mobile web interface, a few users are sharing that they are facing issues with saving the login and password (so that they do not need to remember them)...

Goodbye Mobile App


TLDR; If you are still using the StocksCafe mobile app downloaded from AppStore or PlayStore, we highly recommend you switch over to using web browser to access on your mobile phone instead. Why are we deprecating the mobile app? When everyone else is releasing mobile app, why is StocksCafe removing ours? There are a few reasons why. Too costly – Developing and maintaining three different...

Webull SignUps Upsized to 4 Years!


TLDR; If you signup (and fund) with Webull via StocksCafe in Dec 2022, you will get 4 years of StocksCafe subscription and up to USD 150 Cash Vouchers. From 1 Jan 2023, the rewards will drop to 1 year of StocksCafe subscription (and also require SGD2,000 min funding). We are happy to be announcing a piece of good news on Christmas day! In a previous post, we mentioned that we made a special deal...

Last Promotion before Price Change


TLDR; In 2023, StocksCafe will increase the price for the 3-year plan. The best way to lock in the 3-years plan for free is simply sign up for Webull via StocksCafe and you can even get USD 150 cash voucher from Webull! (Promotion till 31 December 2022.) When we first started StocksCafe, we wanted to provide it for free but as investors, we all know that nothing is free. Someone has to be paying...

New Mobile Web Interface


TLDR; From now on, when you access on mobile web browsers, you will be redirected to where you will experience the new mobile web interface. By the end of this year, we will replace the Mobile App with the Mobile Web interface. Previously, StocksCafe had three different interfaces:1) Desktop interface for users using browsers on desktop Portfolio page on desktop browser 2) Mobile App interface...

Webull Special Year-End Promotion


When we first announced our collaboration with Webull in September, we received very good response with almost a hundred users signing up in just 10 days. Hence this December, Webull worked with StocksCafe to create a special promotion that is apt for the season of giving. Special Promotion Details Sign up (and fund) with WeBull via StocksCafe before 31 Dec 2022 and you can get up to USD 150...

Sea Limited is Down Almost 80% from Its Highs! Is This Falling Knife Worth Catching?


Sea Limited was established in Singapore in 2009 and is a leading tech company, with businesses in Digital Entertainment, E-commerce, and Digital Financial Services. As the stock market continues to crash as we enter 2022, the sector which is most adversely affected is the technology sector. If an investor is not knowledgeable enough, it could be both daunting and risky to venture into this space...

Moomoo Promotions Summary


StocksCafe has started working with Moomoo recently. Moomoo is constantly coming up with new products and promotions. I am often confused as well. Hence I would like to do a short summary of the great deals for our users. Invest SGD 100 into moomoo cash plus and get up to SGD 20 Cash back (i.e. SGD 2 daily). In addition, you are guaranteed to get 5% p.a. for 3 months.E.g. if you deposit SGD 10K...

Portfolio Cost %


Recently, a user reached out and asked a question: Portfolio Cost Yield is calculated as:Portfolio Cost Yield = Sum(Cost Yield x Portfolio %)I’d like to understand why “Portfolio %” was used instead of “Portfolio Cost %”. This is a great question, and honestly when I first implemented it, I did not think too deeply into it. Hence I decided to discuss more with that user. Let’s use an...

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