StocksCafe is 5!


Time files! Five years ago, I published the very first article of StocksCafe (it was known as SGXCafe back then).

In the five years since then, we have achieved many things together.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to plan, together with you, on what we would like StocksCafe to achieve in the next five years! Please take this two-question survey to share what changes you would love to see in StocksCafe in the future. Share how StocksCafe can best evolve to support you!

Thank you for your support so far! Let’s continue to work together and strengthen StocksCafe to better support your financial freedom journey.


  • Thanks all!

    @ahsaria22 Interestingly, one achievement many users hoped that StocksCafe will have in the next five years is just to still be around! Not sure to be sad or happy about it 🙂

  • @evankoh I think you should be happy actually, they value StocksCafe so much that they are worried that you would just get bored and stop providing this fabulous service. =)

    My comments are based on my observation that, once something becomes popular, people often tend to sell it to a commercial entity and then the users suffer as the goal of the commercial entity is different from the users. =)

Evan Koh



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