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I’m sure you will agree that one of the biggest pain points of StocksCafe users is that we have to painstakingly manually enter the transactions made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all transactions could be synced to StocksCafe automatically?

Today, I am super excited to share our collaboration with uSMART! 

This is a special collaboration because with this, you no longer need to enter your trades manually. With a single click, StocksCafe will be able to sync your uSMART transactions seamlessly into StocksCafe via secure read-only APIs.

Who is uSMART?

In case, you have not heard about them. You can watch Kelvin’s YouTube video or read this SingSaver post to learn more about them.

TLDR; They are among the cheapest brokerages in Singapore for you to trade SG, HK, US stocks and US options. They are licensed and regulated by MAS with a strong presence in HK and backed by Hong Kong conglomerate Chow Tai Fook Group.

Why should I sign up with uSMART?

  1. You will save time and money. Their fees are among the cheapest in Singapore, and with the ability to sync your uSMART brokerage transactions with a single click on StocksCafe, you will not only save money but also time which is arguably the most precious resource.
  1. To kick-start this collaboration, we are now running a special promotion. If you sign up with uSMART using StocksCafe’s referral before 31 August 2023 and fund the account with at least SGD 1, we will give you 3 months of Global Friend of StocksCafe. Simply let us know your uSmart ID after funding the account by sending a forum message.

    Of course, you are also eligible for all the current promotions by uSMART. One attractive promotion that uSMART is running now is that there are no minimum fees for options trading until the end of this year. With the high volatility of the current market, using options to hedge your risk just got cheaper!

Any tips on how to best use this new function?

As always, we recommend you to map one portfolio to one brokerage account. That is, create a new portfolio for your new uSMART account. And use it for purely for sync-ing.

Ready to revolutionize your investment journey?

Experience the seamless link-up between uSMART and StocksCafe via Quick Sync today!


Is my money safe in uSMART?

Technically, your money is not in uSMART but kept separately with financial intermediaries such as DBS Singapore and HSBC Singapore. Learn more about other ways uSMART ensures your money and assets are safe here.

After making a trade on uSMART, how do I sync it to StocksCafe?

There are two ways to sync your transactions:

  1. “On Demand” – You can perform on demand sync via this link.
  2. “Sync Daily” – StocksCafe can also sync your account on a twice-daily basis (i.e. 8am and 8pm SGT) to keep your account up to date. Simply check on the “Sync Daily” checkbox here and then click the Sync Transactions button.

Note: Trades are only available for syncing after the first market close.
Just to be clear, it is not that you can only sync your trades during market close but a trade need time to process and will only be available after the first market closure (i.e. After 7pm SGT for Asia markets and after 6am SGT for US market).

What are the transactions that would sync?

For now, all buy and sell stock transactions in SG, HK, US will be synced. All US options transactions will also be synced.

Deposits and withdrawals are currently not synced so you would need to add cash transactions manually if you are using the cash balance feature in StocksCafe.

Why can’t I make edits to sync-ed transactions?

As these transactions are synced, we want to preserve it as it is. However, you can add notes to the transaction.

Can I sync uSMART accounts that are not signed up via StocksCafe’s referral?

uSMART only allows StocksCafe to sync transactions from accounts that are opened via StocksCafe’s referral. Therefore, if your account is not opened with StocksCafe’s referral link, then we will not be able to sync them.

However, it is possible to open several accounts with uSMART. So, you can still use StocksCafe’s referral to open an new account even if you already have an account.

Can I choose to not allow StocksCafe to sync my transactions?

Yes. uSMART requires StocksCafe to explicitly get users’ permission (on the uSMART platform) to be able to sync your transactions. So you can choose not to give permission to StocksCafe. 

Can I open multiple uSMART accounts and get multiple free 3-months of Global Friend subscriptions awarded to the same StocksCafe account?

No. Each StocksCafe account can only be awarded uSMART account opening rewards once.


  • Hi Evan,
    Hope you are well and congratulations on this latest move.

    I am sure you can anticipate my question… i.e. any plans to spread this great feature to other brokers?

    My main broker is Saxo, then TD Ameritrade, then IBKR.
    I could switch IBKR to USmart but am unlikely to switch from Saxo.
    I will talk to my RM at Saxo to see if they plan to issue an API for such syncing if you think that would help.

    Your comments welcome.

    Cheers/Andy R

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank you for the question.

      Yes and no.

      I would love to integrate with more brokerages but this also comes with implementation and maintenance cost. I chose uSMART because they were the first to reached out and was very willing to working very closely with me and responding to my requests.

      After the failed integration with TDA previously (, I am now not that willing to anyhow integrate with other brokerages. The TDA episode caused a few users’ trading account to be frozen for a few days because TDA thought they were hacked by me 🙁

      Personally, I am also switching from TDA and IBKR over to uSMART. Honestly, I am still pushing uSMART to improve their option trading UX for me to make the transition more smooth.


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