Dashboard 2.0


We first introduced Dashboard in 2019. We also introduced the concept of Net Worth and Financial Freedom Index (FFI) then. However, with the deprecation of Other Assets (which is included in the calculation of both Net Worth and FFI), Dashboard was overdue for an upgrade.

We are happy to introduce the newly upgraded Dashboard. We have added several key metrics and graphs such as Day Change, Upcoming Dividends, and Allocation so that you can have a quick overview of your investments.

One key thing to note is that since Other Assets is now replaced by Custom Assets, which is neatly integrated into Portfolio, your Net Worth is now simply the total value of your portfolio(s), compared to previously where it is the sum of Portfolio value and Other Assets value.

We hope that this revamped dashboard will be useful in giving you a quick overview of how you are doing in your investment journey.

As always, we are happy to hear any thoughts, especially pertaining to what other metrics or graphs you wish (or do not wish) to see in Dashboard.

Note: At the moment, Dashboard is available only on Desktop and Tablet.


  • Hi Evan
    The new features on the dashboard is very helpful. Thank you very much. May I suggest that on the dashboard you may include the date (so that we know if this is current or the previous day’s overview. Again thank you for the good work!

  • Hi Evan,
    The dashboard looks good but the total net worth seems off to me. I did a quick check and there might be a double counting of cash through with & . I hope I’m wrong and my net worth indicated are true 🙂 but can you double confirm?

  • HI Evan,

    Nice. Not sure it’s my browser or what, I noticed the clicking/selection of All/multiple Portfolio (top right button) does not work smoothly. For example, After i checked on a few portfolio, it does not execute and refresh screen accordingly.

Evan Koh



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