Updates: Day Change and Screener Email


This is a quick updates of two changes that I thought would be important/useful to communicate to everyone.

Day Change Computation
Previously, the day change shown on the main page of your personal portfolio was computed naively. It was simply how many shares of a stock you own at the end of the day multiply by the change in price (TodayClose – YesterdayClose).

DayChangeForAStockPreviously = SharesYouOwnAtEndOfDay x (TodayClose – YesterdayClose)

This is fine on most days but it is wrong if you bought shares of that stock on that day. We should use the price you bought it for instead of yesterday’s close for those shares.

DayChangeForAStockNow = [SharesYouOwnAtEndOfYesterday x (TodayClose – YesterdayClose)] + [SharesYouBoughtToday x (TodayClose – PurchasedPrice)]

What about days where I sold shares? This equation is only interested in the day change of the current portfolio (i.e. stocks that you are currently holding). As for positions that are closed, they will be considered under closed positions.

Appreciate the user who highlighted this to me. Lets all continue to work together to make StocksCafe better for everyone!

Screener Alert Emails
Note: This feature is limited to Friends of StocksCafe only.

This is another feature suggested by users which I personally need as well. Previously, you can choose to have screeners run daily and include the results with your daily market update email. However, there are two issues with this.

1) Although users can adjust the type of content they want in the daily market update email, the daily content is still overwhelming.

2) Screener results tend to be the same in a short timeframe. Or worse, there is a new stock that passed the screener but was missed out on by users because it was cluttered with repeated stocks from previous days.

To overcome the above issues, I have now added options for separate emails to be sent only if a new stock has passed the chosen screener.


  • I have chosen option “Trigger D7” for screener X.
  • On 16 Nov 2017: Stock A and B passed; email will be sent stating that stock A and B passed screener X.
  • On 17 Nov 2017: Stock A and C passed; email only stating that stock C has passed screener X will be sent. Why only C? Because stock A has been triggered within the last 7 days.
  • On 18 Nov 2017: Stock A, B, and C passed; no email will be sent. Why? Because Stock A, B, and C have been triggered within the last 7 days.
  • On 23 Nov 2017: Stock B and stock C passed; email will be sent stating that stock B has passed screener X. Why only B? Again, it is because stock C has been triggered within the last 7 days.

I hope my explanation of this new feature is clear. Personally, I have been using this feature for the last week and I love it. I do not miss stocks suggestions anymore and can focus on only stocks that have “freshly” cleared my screeners. I hope this feature will be useful for you as well.

Happy investing!


  • It is over my head. Sorry. It is not your fault. Its me! Any other way to explain this using video tutorial etc for dummy “friends” like me?

  • Essentially, to prevent sending you emails with the same contents day after day (causing you to ignore them after some time). I add in a delay to ensure that if the contents is the same as the day before, do not send email. Is this better? Sorry, I do not have video tutorial. I can continue to try various ways to explain 🙂

    Or maybe the best way is to simply try it out 🙂

  • @sinvestg02

    1) Go to https://stocks.cafe/tools/alert

    2) From “Saved Screeners”, select “Trigger D7” for screeners that you are interested in.

    3) Wait for 24 hours, StocksCafe will send you an email if there exists any stocks that satisfy the screener. (Hence if you want to do this for testing purpose, you should run the screeners now and ensure there exists stocks that satisfy it)

  • Hi Evan – thanks for the instructions, but i still don’t get it.. on the left of the screen i see “Conditions”, and on the right side “Save Screener”, but i don’t see “Trigger D7”..

  • Hi sinvestg02, the “Trigger D7” is an options on the dropdown box under “Email” column. The dropdown box is likely showing “Do Not Email” or “Include in Daily”.

  • Hi Evan – i still don’t see it.. wanted to do a screenshot to show you, but can’t paste it here..

Evan Koh



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