Start of Support for London Stock Exchange!


The current top request (i.e. the most likes) is for StocksCafe to support the London Stock Exchange (LSE), and I am very happy to share that StocksCafe now provides limited support for LSE!

What does limited mean?
It means that StocksCafe only has End of Day pricing data for LSE. We were unable to secure dividend nor fundamental data.

However, with this, you can enter transactions for London stocks and all the standard metrics for portfolio tracking can be computed. This excludes metrics that need dividend data as it would only be accurate if we have dividend data. However, you can help by entering the dividends just like how you would do for dividend edits.

So what does not having fundamental data mean? This mostly means that London stocks will not be available in screener.

Why purchase only End of Day data?
This is mainly due to cost. We could not find any provider for fundamental and dividend data that is within our budget. This is also the main reason why we have been delaying adding this exchange.

As users have expressed their willingness to add dividends manually and we also recently implemented the ability for Friends of StocksCafe to do so, we believe now is a good time to support this exchange.

We believe that with End of Day data and the ability to enter dividends manually, this should be able to satisfy most users’ needs!

Start entering your London transactions and also help StocksCafe by entering their corresponding dividends.

Happy investing!


  • Thank you Evan for this piece of great news!
    I shall start moving my data from other assets over. However, do you have any suggestion whether we should use GBX or GBP when entering data? I noticed that the portfolio page shows GBX. Having to do mental calculation aside to make sens of 10s of thousands in losses (which seems very scary when it is in hundreds of pounds), I also need to be mindful when entering fees and dealing with cash balances.
    Happy investing!

  • Thanks for sharing and appreciate the work done on including LSE price data. Sure, I’m sure we are all happy to provide our support by helping to enter the dividends manually!

  • @tomatoseed, I guess it is up to you whether you want to use GBP or GBX. For some reasons, upstream have some stocks in GBX hence I am simply displaying GBX when that is the case. But I do agree that we should at least just display GBP in portfolio

  • Just a point of clarification, if all I were to enter in my LSE portfolio is IWDA, I really don’t have to bother about manually keying in dividends as this fund is dividend accumulating right?

Evan Koh



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