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uSMART x StocksCafe


I’m sure you will agree that one of the biggest pain points of StocksCafe users is that we have to painstakingly manually enter the transactions made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all transactions could be synced to StocksCafe automatically? Today, I am super excited to share our collaboration with uSMART!  This is a special collaboration because with this, you no longer need to enter...

Final Chance To Win Tesla Model 3


Webull is ending its anniversary celebration with a Tesla Model 3 lucky draw on 30 June, 17:30 SGT. Sign up with Webull by 30 June 15:59 SGT to be eligible for the draw. In addition, if you fund your account with SGD 100, you are guaranteed to get 4-20 free shares worth between USD 3 to 1,000! Keep the SGD 100 there for 30 days to get another 2-20 free shares. On top of all these, you will also...

Less than 24 hours


[Expired – Read this post for latest promotion] Final reminder 🙂 Webull’s current attractive deal is set to end on May 31, 2023, at 15:59 SGT (4:00 PM). After this cutoff time, the deal will be modified and become less appealing. If you are considering signing up with Webull using StocksCafe referral, please note that you have less than 24 hours remaining to take advantage of this...

Final Call


TLDR; We have two updates to share: 1) Starting from June, Webull is expected to decrease their signup rewards and implement stricter qualification criteria. Sign up in May to qualify for their current generous rewards with just SGD 1 funding. 2) We are currently collaborating with our users to shape the future of StocksCafe. This is an opportunity for you to make your voice heard and influence...

Webull Birthday GiveAways


If you have yet to sign up with Webull, now is a great time to do so via StocksCafe’s referral link as Webull and StocksCafe are giving out great sign-up gifts! And if you’re already a Webull user, be sure to share this amazing offer with your friends and family. Webull is celebrating its 1st birthday and is giving out the best sign-up gifts to date!1) Guaranteed to win shares worth...

March Promotions


TLDR; In March 2023, signing up with Moomoo or Webull through StocksCafe referral link can still earn you fantastic rewards, including up to five years of free Global Friend subscription. Occasionally, some users express concern over the cost of StocksCafe. To address this, we have partnered with brokerages. By signing up with them through StocksCafe referral, you can test their platforms and...

Webull Bonus Subscription Achieved


TLDR; We have increase the promotion for signing up with Webull via StocksCafe referral to 3 years of Global Friend Subscription for Feb 2023! As mentioned previously, if we are able to cross the 60 referrals mark in Feb 2023 (which we did!), we will award everyone who signed up with Webull via StocksCafe referral link during Feb 2023 an extra year of subscription (i.e. total of 3 years). Thank...

Webull Flash Deal


TLDR; Sign up with WeBull and fund the account with at least SGD 1 and keep your account for 30 days to get USD 50 to 500 worth of shares and 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 90) before 28 Feb 2023.

Learn more about this deal here. Thanks!

Moomoo x StocksCafe


This page was last updated on 28 August 2023. It has been quite a few months since we started our collaboration with Moomoo, and we thought it was time to negotiate with Moomoo to update it with a better deal. So from now till 30 September 2023, when you sign up with Moomoo and fund it with at least SGD 2,000 using this StocksCafe referral link, you will get 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe...

Webull SignUps Upsized to 4 Years!


TLDR; If you signup (and fund) with Webull via StocksCafe in Dec 2022, you will get 4 years of StocksCafe subscription and up to USD 150 Cash Vouchers. From 1 Jan 2023, the rewards will drop to 1 year of StocksCafe subscription (and also require SGD2,000 min funding). We are happy to be announcing a piece of good news on Christmas day! In a previous post, we mentioned that we made a special deal...

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