StocksCafe Turns 3!


March is the birthday month of StocksCafe! In the blink of an eye, StocksCafe has already been around for three years!

Thanks to the support of many, StocksCafe would very likely be around for many more three years to come. Thank you!

StocksCafe’s next goal is to be profitable enough so that Evan or someone else can be working on it full-time!

New Features
You might have realized that new features are coming to StocksCafe at a slower rate than before. I assure you that it is not because I am not interested in improving StocksCafe anymore. It is the combination of the following:

1) With more users come more people asking questions and making small requests which in itself takes anywhere from a few mins to 30 mins, but when added together, it becomes a significant amount of time. I am now finding ways to encourage users to support other users whenever possible. If you have good ideas on how to make this happen, please feel free to let me know.

2) With every new feature, it means that there is one more feature to maintain. Regularly, users would also report bugs or request for features to be slightly tuned so that it could fit their uses. Of course, I greatly welcome these bug reports and feature requests. However, they are also another reason why I have less time to add new features.

3) Finally, StocksCafe has always been built with speed in mind, and often the cost of that is the technical debt which eventually has to be repaid. A high technical debt often means messy code and poor assumptions, and these lead to increasing difficulties in building new features.

Despite all these, I will aim to release an article sharing new features every two weeks for the rest of 2018!

Overall P&L
Let’s start with one feature that was added this week. If you go to portfolio report, you should see a new graph and table which would tell you your total P&L for a year, quarter or month. That number includes all open positions, closed positions, and dividends (based on ExDate) collected during that period.

This would be useful for users to know how their portfolio have been performing in terms of absolute values over time.

Yup, that is all for now. Do look forward to a new feature every other week going forward.

Happy Birthday to StocksCafe!


  • Happy birthday to StocksCafe, and it’s great with so many features around. So the article about new features will definitely be useful 🙂

  • Thanks Evan for this platform. Really appreciate all the work that you have put in for this.

  • Hi Evan, you are doing great already. Don’t be pressurised to add new feature or to resolve even the slightest bug, it will only give marginal return after a while. For better use of your time and talent, I feel you may want to engage the users on what/how most of the people uses Stockcafe for and use that knowledge to make Stockcafe even more useful and deepen the relationship with the users.

  • @all, Thanks!

    @warriortan, Yes, I believe you are right. I should focus on features that I believe brings most value to StocksCafe or at the minimum focus on those I enjoy building.

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