StocksCafe Now Offers Singapore-Only Plans!


StocksCafe first started as SGXCafe in 2015 as we only supported SGX then. Over time, more exchanges were added as requested by users. However, some users started sharing that they only needed SGX and prefer not to purchase a plan that included everything.

It took a while to work out and make the changes, but today – on National Day – we are happy to announce a new plan that is solely for Singapore exchange access! Check out the details on this page. The prices are cheaper at 4.5/35/95 than the all-inclusive plan of 5.5/45/115.

We have also decided to make some naming changes:
– The all-inclusive plan will be known as Global Friend of StocksCafe
– The Singapore-only plan will be known as Friend of StocksCafe

The key difference between them would be your access to different exchanges. Some examples of how a Friend of StocksCafe’s access will differ from a Global Friend: Friends can only have SGX transactions in their portfolio, can only use Screener to screen stocks from SGX, and will have limitations when viewing data from other exchanges.

Q: What is going to happen to the current subscriptions?
A: All current Friends of StocksCafe subscriptions before the change are “upgraded” to Global Friends of StocksCafe. You can check your subscription details here.

Q: Can I downgrade my subscription from Global Friend to Friend?
A: Yes, you can do so at the end of your current subscription. Please make your selection via this subscription page.

Q: If I subscribe to Friend of StocksCafe now, can I upgrade to Global Friend of StocksCafe?
A: Yes, you can upgrade at any time using this payment page. You simply pay the difference in price based on the number of remaining days of your current subscription plus a small admin fee (SGD2). Upon successful payment, you will be upgraded to Global Friend.

Q: What if I need more than SGX but not all exchanges? Say, I need only 2 or 3 exchanges?
A: Determining prices and different types of plans to offer is a complex problem. We need to balance flexibility, complexity, fairness and profitability. So, for now, we will stick with just two plan types (SGX or Global). We will continue to listen to feedback and improve.

Reminder: There are collaborations (i.e. Tiger and Saxo) where you can essentially get free Global Friend of StocksCafe subscriptions.

Happy National Day!


  • Well done Evan. What I have been waiting for for a long time – SGX Friends! Hope the website upon login from SGX Friends will have news specific to SG/Portfolio. That will remove the unnecessary clutter from Global. Again a big thank you!

  • @starfishx2 It is because you have lock-in prices when StocksCafe were SGXCafe 🙂

    @kthlim Not sure if I fully understand this. Previous lock-in prices will not change.

    @piercesonny You have a ticker open for this right? Can you remind me again?

    @johnfmkong Australia have been a recurring request. Do check out this page if you have not ->

  • what would happen to the non-SG exchange portfolio/transactions if I switched to Singapore-Only Plans?

    Also, if say I switched to Singapore-Only Plans for few years, then back to all-inclusive plan, would all my non-SG transactions (from the beginning) will still be intact?


  • @piercesonny Just created a new page to see all your feature/bug requests ->

    @yong If you subscribe for Singapore only plans but have non-SG exchange portfolio transactions, your portfolio will stop working. As in, it will keep sending you to the portfolio transaction listing page to delete them.

    StocksCafe will not delete your transactions.

  • @evankoh – “your portfolio will stop working” – meaning only that non-SG exchange portfolio stop working, or mean all portfolios included SG portfolio stop working?

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