Webull Special Jan 2024 Promotion


There are two big things coming to Webull in Jan 2024.

First of all, you can now start trading Singapore market with Webull! They are offering 3 years of commission-free trading for Singapore market.

Secondly, if sign up with WeBull and fund the account with at least SGD 1 before 31 January 2024 15:59 SGT, you will get 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 45) and you will also receive 5 free shares (worth at least USD3 each) from Webull.

In addition, there is a special bonus for Jan 2024:

If you subscribe to MoneyBull with at least USD 2,000 (or SGD 2,800), you will receive an additional 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription.

Webull will also give you an additional 20 free shares* (worth at least USD3 each) and pay you an additional USD 80 cash if you keep the money in MoneyBull until 29 Feb 2024 23:59 SGT. This is on top of the high interest you will get from MoneyBull (i.e. 7-days yield being >4%^ for SGD and >5.4%^ for USD as of 24 Jan 2024).


Sign up with Webull before 31 Jan 2024 and fund just $1 to receive:

  • 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 45)
  • 5 free shares* (worth at least USD 15)
  • 3 year SG stock trading free commission*

If you also subscribe at least USD 2,000 (or SGD 2,800) to MoneyBull and keep the funds there until 29 Feb 2024 23:59 SGT, you will additionally receive:

  • 2 more years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 90)
  • 20 more free shares (worth at least USD 60)
  • USD 80 cash
  • Interest from MoneyBull which is currently >4%^ for SGD and >5.4%^ for USD (as of 24 Jan 2024)

Note that promotion is limited to only sign ups via StocksCafe’s referral link. Also, please do not wait till the last minute as it takes 1-2 business days to send money into MoneyBull.

Finally, you are more than welcome to get your friends and family to sign up using StocksCafe’s referral link if they are willing to share StocksCafe’s benefits with you.


Q: Are users with existing subscriptions eligible?
A: Of course! Your subscription will be extended from the current expiry date.

Q: I have signed up. How to claim the rewards?
A: Simply send me a message via the forum with last 4 digits of your phone nuber

MoneyBull FAQs

^&*^^^ T&Cs apply. Figures shown are based on 7-Day Yield (P.A.) of the USD Cash Fund in Moneybull as of 24 Jan 2024. Principal is not guaranteed. Returns are not guaranteed and not an indication of future performance. All investments involve risks and are not suitable for every investor. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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