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One of the key focus for StocksCafe in 2022 is getting more people to understand and appreciate the value that StocksCafe can bring them. This is especially true for new users who just joined us.

Hence, we just released a “Welcome Week” series that aims to help you better leverage StocksCafe in your investing journey.

Over the course of 7 days, it will send a short private message daily via the forum to all users who just joined StocksCafe, each day covering a different key feature of StocksCafe.

The topics that will be covered are:
Day 1 – Multiple Portfolios
Day 2 – Portfolio Tabs
Day 3 – Custom Settings
Day 4 – Cash Balance
Day 5 – Portfolio Allocation
Day 6 – Risk Manager
Day 7 – Screener

Just in case you have joined StocksCafe for a while but would still like to enroll in the “Welcome Week”, simply click on this link to sign up!

As always, if you have any suggestions on the topics or content of the messages, we are all ears.

Happy investing!

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