Completed: Phase 2 of Hong Kong Market Integration!


After successfully migrating StocksCafe to the new domain and infrastructure, I have been working on further integration with the Hong Kong Market.

Hong Kong Market Integration
I am glad to share that phase 2 (of 3) of the Hong Kong Market integration is completed. This means you can now add Hong Kong stocks into your portfolio and/or watchlist, and of course also have access to all the associated features. Multiple watchlists are also possible now for users who would like to separate their watchlists by market (or any way you like).

As we are now in the last phase of integration where the main features, which in my opinion should include:
– the ability to run stock screeners on Hong Kong stocks
– list Hong Kong stocks related news
– list Hong Kong financial bloggers
Let me know if you have any other features in StocksCafe you would like to see being able to handle Hong Kong stocks as well.

I previously hoped to finish the full integration of the Hong Kong market in April. Obviously, that is not going to happen since it is already May. I got delayed by the migration of the domain and infrastructure upgrade and also spent a good amount of time reducing the technical debt that has been accumulating in StocksCafe’s code base since it started more than two years ago. Hence, I expect the integration of the Hong Kong market to be completed by the end of May. The good news is that adding subsequent markets will be a much smoother process.

Base Currency
Previously, I always assumed that users’ base currency is SGD, but that will be a poor assumption with the addition of more markets around the world. Hence I made it possible for you to easily set your base currency here.

Bug Reports
As I have been making a lot of changes to the code, I may have accidentally caused things to break here and there. Please continue to send forth bug reports if you notice abnormalities with something that was functioning perfectly fine previously. Thanks!

Finally, now that StocksCafe has the ability to add Hong Kong stocks into the portfolio, I am thinking of buying some Hong Kong Stocks. Does anyone have any recommendations? I understand that 2833 is the Hang Seng Index ETF. Are there better ETFs to track Hang Seng Index? I am thinking of allowing users to benchmark their portfolio against that (apart from the current ES3).

Happy investing!


  • Hi Evan,

    Refer to multiple watchlist feature.

    Please advise how to migrate existing default watchlist items to a newly created watchlist ? (just like what we do for Portfolio items migration)


  • Hello Evan,

    Unfortunately, it seems like the dividends for my hong kong stocks are not updated.

    HKD 128,900 +11,458.36 (+9.76%) +11,458.36 (+9.76%) +11,458.36 (+9.76%)

    I added the transactions yesterday evening but the dividend information is not being reflected yet.

    Btw, thank you for constantly improving this site!

  • Hi Knic,

    Sure. It is an issue on my side. I am running the fix now.

    You should be able to see your HK dividend being updated tonight. If you still do not see anything (i.e. HK Dividends) tomorrow, please let me know.


  • Hi Evan,

    The dividend for my HK stock is showing correctly now. But now I have additional dividend in USD and GBP. Could you help fix this?


  • Hi Knic,

    Thank you for reporting. That seems like an issue with multiple currency being listed for HSBC dividends. Which one is the official currency for dividends?


Evan Koh



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