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Sembcorp Marine acquisition of Keppel O&M


TLDR; If you do not own Keppel (SGX:BN4), you can stop reading. If you have them on 23 Feb 2023, you can either accept this event or handle it yourself with the recommendations below. For every 1000 shares of Keppel that you have on 23 Feb 2023, you are expected to get 191,000 shares of Sembcorp (SGX:S51). See SGX announcement. Several users have asked how to handle this in this forum thread...

Another Delighted Customer


We could never thank enough the many supportive users who have been with StocksCafe for years. Zi Chao is one of them. He started using StocksCafe since 2016. Let’s hear what he has to say about StocksCafe: “My first foray into finance started relatively early, when my parents were trying to trade the market using the teletext channel on TV (the pre-internet days of seeing stock price...

Results of the survey


A big THANK YOU to all 236 users who responded to the survey. As a token of appreciation, we have increased the number of lucky draw winners to 12 so that you have about 5% chance of winning 🙂 The following are the 12 lucky draw winners. Congratulations!1. mi**se2. mi**yj3. ar**al4. re**gs5. lk**es6. wx**857. fl**je8. ta**ng9. fo**6710. we**ju11. ye**ee12. qi**93 All winners have already been...

5 “Did you know” Tips for StocksCafe


We are currently running a survey and a mid-point check made us realized that some users did not know about some of the features that already exists in StocksCafe 🙂 If you have yet to respond to the survey, do so by 15 Feb 2022 to stand a chance to win free subscriptions to StocksCafe! 1. Did you know that you can set dividend withholding taxes in StocksCafe? Many of us invest in US exchanges and...

StocksCafe Tutorials


No man is an island. StocksCafe has come a long way with the support of many, many people and users. Today, under the suggestion and support of an awesome user, urameshi85, I am very happy to announce a new StocksCafe initiative – StocksCafe Tutorials. With new features being regularly added to StocksCafe but often not properly documented, the number one complaint from new users (especially...

Are You Using The New Stock Screener? Why or Why Not?


Since the introduction of the new stock screener, I have received numerous requests to add more metrics and/or to add more ways to build the constraints so that different strategies can be easily implemented using the new screener. Hence the number of metrics have grown, from the initial 30 to the current 60+ different metrics covering both technicals and fundamentals. The number of ways to build...

5 Things You Can Do To Create A More Vibrant SGXCafe


By now, you have probably noticed that SGXcafe recently started a “Cafe”. It is a place where people can ask questions or discuss anything related to investment. It also includes blog posts aggregated from blogs mainly from Singapore that are sharing financial/investment knowledge and information. Special thanks goes to Derek from for helping me to get permission from...

SGXcafe Needs You!


About four months have passed since the major crisis faced by SGXcafe. At that time, SGXcafe had to choose between paying tens of thousands in licensing fees yearly to continue running, or face closing down. I have chosen the former, which is why SGXcafe is still operating today. Although it put a huge dent in my savings, I do not regret my decision, because in the last four months, the number of...

Help Shape SGXcafe’s Future


Note: There is a one-question survey at the end of the post, and your input is appreciated. Today, I am writing because SGXcafe has reached a crossroad. You might know that SGXcafe started out as a personal project, but I made it available for public use when I thought it might help other small retail investors like myself invest better. However, SGX recently contacted me and said that SGXcafe...

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