Market Update Email 2.0


One of the first features that I built when I started StocksCafe is the “Market Update” email. It is also one of StocksCafe’s most popular features. Personally, I look forward to receiving this email everyday to see how my portfolio performed for the day.

Old Market Update Email (Demo portfolio)

After 9 years, we are happy to share that this feature is now getting a new look. From today on, you will be receiving the email with the new look.

As the previous look has been around for about 9 years, many users might not be ‘like’ the new look simply due to familiarity. However, please give it some time and I believe you would love the new look as much as I do!

New Market Update Email (Demo portfolio)


  • prefer the original version. We are dealing with numbers and the graphic overlay adds no value to my ability to absorb information.

      • I want to second opinion about the colour scheme but I promise to try to get used to it as we discussed. But that said, I like the layout and the spacing. It’s nicely organized now!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry, I know you have asked this a few times 🙁

      Definitely in the plans. I am also in need of this features since I also trade options regularly.

  • Hi Evan
    Thanks for always looking for improvements to the system. Would you consider a different colour scheme for the update? I’m not really a fan of the dark colour scheme and it really looks weird for those using light scheme in their email program or website.

  • Hi Evan,

    I preferred the original as well, but I will give it some time to see if I can adapt to the new look.

    I do have a query, how do I have it send only the compilation of my selected “Multiple Portfolios” instead of “All Portfolios”?


    • I do have a query, how do I have it send only the compilation of my selected “Multiple Portfolios” instead of “All Portfolios”? => Hmm.. That is not possible currently.

  • Hi Evan,

    Just giving feedback that I prefer the new look of the daily market update. The way the figures are formatted highlights the particular figures I look out for, making it easier and therefore faster for me to read, so thanks for all your effort to update the look.

    I do have a question, how is the progress for moving into a singular mobile interface (m.stocks. cafe) coming along?

Evan Koh



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