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We could never thank enough the many supportive users who have been with StocksCafe for years. Zi Chao is one of them. He started using StocksCafe since 2016. Let’s hear what he has to say about StocksCafe:

“My first foray into finance started relatively early, when my parents were trying to trade the market using the teletext channel on TV (the pre-internet days of seeing stock price actions). It piqued my interest how moving digits on screen got adults so fascinated. That led me to start investing when I was just a student, and I also chose to major in Finance to deepen my knowledge.

Fast forward to 2022, as a millennial stepping into a professional career, building a resilient portfolio amidst volatile times is trying. I was searching for a platform that allows me to incorporate various data points, consolidate my holdings from various accounts, and reflect updated details of my portfolio.

A friend recommended StocksCafe to me, and it was exactly what I was looking for. While there was an initial setup effort to input the holdings, other features easily compensated for this.

There are analytical metrics such as P&L/yield computation, VaR, and returns comparisons against a set of benchmarks. Common industry sectors are also automatically provided so that I could understand my portfolio allocations and attempt to diversify. These are valuable from a portfolio construction perspective as it provides feedback on my portfolio.

StocksCafe also allows inputs of other non-listed assets such as funds or properties.  Although price updates are manual, this does provide a better sense of my actual net worth in addition to any portfolios held. These are valuable features which give an aggregated sense of my net worth so far, as well as how my portfolio is performing.

There are also other common features like a watchlist for stocks, social aspects such as following other users’ portfolios, stock screeners, and aggregated info channel.

All in all, StocksCafe has greatly helped in automating portfolio monitoring and also added perspectives in portfolio construction. 

I also greatly appreciate the quick support from the team on questions. I often see Evan responding to queries posted by users within a day. 

There are constant plans for product development, and this is transparent to users who can vote for specific features. This is taking into consideration that the tool costs less than $3.20 a month (when bought as a 3-year package).

You can register a free trial account using my referral link.

If you enjoy it, proceed with the paid plan. It is definitely worth the money, at least it is for me.”

Zi Chao

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