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StocksCafe is constantly evolving, and as I continue to add features to StocksCafe, even I am starting to lose count of them. Therefore, I believe that many users – especially new users – might miss out on many features that StocksCafe offers.

This article aims to record all the features available in StocksCafe, and this article will be updated as new features are added. I highly recommend for you to at least browse through this article so that you would have a better idea of the features available in StocksCafe to assist you in your investment journey.

There are three main themes to StocksCafe: Management, Discovery, and Monitoring.

Having the ability to manage your portfolio is essential to anyone who invests. Management tools focus on helping you manage and understand your portfolio. One popular feature within it is the ability to auto-compute collected dividends based on your transaction history.

Another useful feature is the ability to override auto-computed dividends as some dividends have a choice of cash or stocks. StocksCafe always assume that cash is chosen, and if that’s not true for your case, you can manually change it.

Finally, at the request of several users, StocksCafe added the capability to hold multiple investment accounts (e.g. CDP, CPF and SRS) in a single StocksCafe account.

Deciding what stock to buy/sell is always tough. Discovery tools aim to assist you in tackling this tricky problem. There are two sub-themes here:
1) Discover interesting stocks among the several hundred stocks listed in SGX
2) Discover or learn more about a particular stock

There are a few features here that I rely heavily upon in making my investment decisions. I typically start with:
1. Screener to shortlist stocks based on metrics that are of interest to me
2. I will then add those stocks to my watchlist
3. Once in my watchlist, I use iAssist to see how well they fit into my portfolio
4. Next, I use Stock Summary, Stock Profile, Stock Dividend, etc. to learn more the stock before making my purchase decision
5. Finally, I currently have a bias towards buying stocks with high Dividend Strength

Before and after purchasing a stock, we would often want to monitor them. Monitoring tools allows you to do this easily. The most prominent of them would be the Market Update Emails. These emails allow you to easily keep track of your portfolio, your watchlist, and the market in general. Be sure to whitelist stocks.cafe with your email provider so that these emails do not go to spam.

Another feature that I regularly use is Notes. Keeping notes remind me of why I bought/sold stocks and also allow me to record my thoughts of certain stocks at that point in time.

Finally, the Watchlist Alerts notify me whenever that particular stock hit my price target to buy or sell.

The following is the full list of features available in StocksCafe, segmented accordingly:


  1. Current Portfolio gives you an overview of your portfolio current performance and risk. You can also adjust to display only fields that are of interest to you using this.
  2. Closed Positions shows you how well you have performed for positions that you have closed.
  3. Portfolio Report allows you to see how you have performed and grew over time.
  4. Portfolio News gathers all news related to stocks in your portfolio into one place.
  5. Portfolio Sector shows you how invested you are in each sector.
  6. Portfolio Upcoming Dividends lets you know the dividends you are about to collect.
  7. Collected Dividends tells you how much you dividends you have collected.
  8. Dividend Projection in Portfolio Report gives an estimate of the dividends you will receive for the year. Read this article for more information.
  9. Dividends Override gives you the ability to manually override (i.e. add or delete) dividends. However, I would encourage you to report the issue instead of manually overriding it if the issue lies with StocksCafe so that StocksCafe can improve for the benefit of all users. Read this article for more information.
  10. Transactions Overview shows all your transactions.
  11. Cash Balance lets you keep track of the amount of cash you have on hand. Read this article for more information.
  12. Add Transactions allows you to add new transactions.
  13. Import Transactions lets you easily import multiple transactions into StocksCafe by uploading a CSV file.
  14. Export Transactions lets you bulk-export all transactions you have in StocksCafe to a CSV file.
  15. Multiple Portfolios lets you track multiple investment accounts (e.g. CDP, CFP, SRS) in one StocksCafe account. Read this article for more information.


  1. iAssist ranks stocks in your current watchlist based on diversification factors.
  2. iSuggest ranks all stocks listed in SGX based on stability and diversification factors. Removed. Read this article for more information.
  3. Share Your Portfolio allows you to share your portfolio in StocksCafe and/or your blog. Simply update your sharing preferences to share your portfolio with others. Please note that all portfolios are private by default. Read this article for more information.
  4. Shared Portfolios allows you to see other users’ portfolios that have been made public. You can choose to follow certain portfolios by liking them and they will appear here. Liking them enables you to compare your portfolio against theirs and also know what are the top stocks held and the trending stocks in those portfolios.
  5. Market News keeps you updated with all the latest stock-related news in the market.
  6. Trending News tells you which news have the most views in the last few days.
  7. Trending Stocks lets you know which stocks have spikes in their daily transaction relative to its recent history.
  8. Market Upcoming Dividends tells you which stocks will be giving out dividends soon.
  9. Market Historical Dividends tells you which stocks have recently given out dividends.
  10. Market Dividend Yield shows you the distribution of dividend yields for stocks listed in SGX.
  11. Dividend Strength estimates the likelihood that a stock can give the same or higher dividends the next year. Read this article for more information.
  12. Market Sector lets you easily see at a glance the stocks in each sector/industry.
  13. Screener lets you screen through all stocks listed in SGX using metrics chosen by you. There are currently over 40 metrics to choose from. You can save the profile of metrics which allows for easy reuse, email updates, and display in individual stock summary pages. Read this article for more information.
  14. Comparator lets you use the saved profiles from Screener to compare specific stocks that you are interested in. There are also default profiles available. Read this article for more information.
  15. Stock Summary gives you a variety of technical, fundamental, and other information about the stock.
  16. Stock Profile gives you more in-depth current and historical fundamental information.
  17. Stock News gathers all the news related to the stock and displays them in reverse chronological order (i.e. latest news shown first).
  18. Stock Dividend Summary tells you the current and historical yearly dividend payout of the stock.
  19. Stock Dividend Details displays all the dividends that the stock has given out over the years.
  20. Stock Recent Prices shows you the recent prices and volume information of the stock.


  1. Add to Watchlist lets you add stocks you want to monitor to your watchlist. You can also add it by clicking on Add to WatchList on the top left of the individual page of the stock (e.g. DBS).
  2. Watchlist Overview gives you a quick overview of all stocks you have added.
  3. Watchlist News gathers all news related to stocks in your watchlist in one place.
  4. Watchlist Dividends tells you which stocks in your watchlist will be giving out dividends soon.
  5. Watchlist Alerts lets you easily keep track of price, volume, and dividend movement of stocks. Simply go to the individual page of the stock (e.g. DBS) that you are interested in and click Set Alert on the top left to start tracking it. Read this article for more information.
  6. Notes lets you keep an investment journal in StocksCafe. You can have the notes tagged to a stock, a transaction, or simply save it as a general note. This way, you can always refresh your memory on why you chose certain actions/inactions, opinions/conclusions of stocks, as well as general lessons learned from your investments. Read this article for more information.
  7. Stock Summary gives you the ability to keep detailed and time-insensitive summary about a company (different from Notes where information is short and time-sensitive). Logged in users will be able to access it on each stock’s page.
  8. Market Update Emails sends emails right to your inbox to keep you updated on your portfolio, watchlist, and the market. Be sure to whitelist stocks.cafe with your service provider so that these emails do not go to spam.


  1. StocksCafe is also available as an app! Download the iOS app, and the Android app here.
  2. Simulator attempts to answer the ultimate question of “How can you retire?” (or “How can you achieve financial freedom” as some prefer). Read this article for more information.
  3. Exchange Rates shows you the latest currency exchange rates from ECB.
  4. Market Bonds shows you the movement of Singapore Government Bonds yield over time.
  5. APAC Exchanges gives you information of stocks listed in other APAC exchanges. Read this article for more information.
  6. Multiple Emails let you registers multiple email addresses so that StocksCafe will send you multiple copies of the same emails to different addresses. This is especially useful if both you and your spouse would like to receive updates on the portfolio. Read this article for more information.

p.s.: Please let me know if I missed out any feature 🙂


  • Just found SGXcafe recently and haven’t really started to explore the features yet. But so far it looks good. Thank you!

  • I think a nice feature to add is actually the choice to “follow” the portfolios within the shared lists, or at least to block some. This is due to the increasing number of fake/model accounts set up by people recently.

  • @seekingprivatereturn: By liking shared portfolios, it is a form of filtering separately from all portfolios. If that is what you meant.

  • Great job on this app. Best app available for SGX beating even Google or Yahoo Finance Portfolio. I have a suggestion to make: Is it possible to compare on a transaction level if we beat the market or not? i.e instead of investing in that particular counter, we instead invested in the STI ETF (ES3) what would be the returns instead?

  • “Is it possible to compare on a transaction level if we beat the market or not?” => This is an interesting idea. Will add it to feature list.

  • Hi Evan, i love your app! I am currently using the free signup account and so far I love what i see. I have typically been a buy and hold investor with no need for an active portfolio and trade tracker. But, 2020 has been an usually voluminous trading year for me and my google sheet (and sorely lacking excel/sheet skills) has slowly gotten so convoluted that I have been scouring the internet for an excel/sheet template (which all looked terribly confusing) til i found your site and app. If i could suggest some features : (1) forex transactions and track forex P/L (2) do add the Thailand Stock Market. I’m going to try out the app a little more before subscribing, but i’m pretty sure that I will already.

Evan Koh



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