Malaysia Bursa Stocks Now Available!


As I was working on the final phase of the HK integration, I realized that it might be better if I also had Malaysia stocks information because news agency and blogs that I wanted to index tend to have news/articles on both markets.

Hence, last weekend, I switched gears and started integrating Malaysia stocks into StocksCafe as well.

I am happy to share that you can look up information of Malaysia stocks, add them to your portfolio or watchlist, and even screen through them using Screener.

However, there are currently two known issues with them:

1) For some reason, my upstream data provider does not have price data on ETFs listed in Malaysia market. I have already reported this to them and they are looking into it.

2) For stocks that do have price data, I noted that it is available noticeably later than Singapore or Hong Kong stocks. This means that if you have Malaysia stocks in your portfolio or watchlist, I would have to delay sending the daily Market update email to you as I will need to wait till the price data is available. Of course, you will not be affected by this if you do not have Malaysia stocks in your portfolio or watchlist.

Please feel free to let me know if you find other issues with them.

And now, I will switch back to fully integrating Hong Kong and Malaysia stocks into StocksCafe.

Happy investing!


  • Hi Evan,

    Tested a few Malaysia stocks to watchlist and noticed they do not show data for P/E, Market Cap, P/B….
    Source data issue ? eg Public Bank, Padini

    For your info.

  • @talktotherain Honestly, that is not planned yet. After Hong Kong and Malaysia, my next target is Japanese market simply due to my own interest. After which, it will either be US or another Asia city. No plans on Europe at all. To even start integrating Japan and US would take at least another 3-6 months as there are so many other feature requests pending in the pipeline which I have been neglecting due to Hong Kong and Malaysia integration.

Evan Koh



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