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The first donations for StocksCafe came in May 2016. Although I was very thrilled to know that whatever I built is of enough value to people that many are willing to back it up, it was not my intention to build a paid product. However, the truth is StocksCafe is very dependent on donations as the ad revenue sustains only about 35-45% of current operating costs of StocksCafe.

I have been thinking of and searching for ways to increase revenue without putting a strain on users, and I might have found a potential way, which is through the affiliate program of Saxo Trading Platform. I have personally tried this platform since the start of 2017 and am very satisfied with it so far.

And now, I am very happy to announce the partnership between Saxo and StocksCafe. If you sign up with Saxo (and making at least one trade) through StocksCafe, StocksCafe will receive affiliate fees which will be used towards the operation of StocksCafe. Of course, as the title states, you will be granted Friend of StocksCafe status for five years! (Note: You need to be a resident in South East Asia or India to qualify. Also, the referral fee will take up to 2-3 months from the point you make your first trade with Saxo, which will be attributed as your contribution to StocksCafe).

Please go over to this page to learn more about this program!

Happy investing!

ps: You might be wondering how StocksCafe earns from the affiliate program. Saxo basically pays out a one-off fee to StocksCafe once you have signed up and completed your first transaction. The amount is considered as your contribution to StocksCafe and will be attributed to you.


  • Great idea….unfortanly i already hold a Saxo for 3 year….. when plan open a second for trade different products will remember it

  • Ha.. Thanks for wanting to support 🙂

    Unfortunately, if you are already an existing user, it does not qualify 🙁

  • I tried, unfortunately it did not work out as Saxo is very different from our tradition stock broker, ie you need to park your money b4 you can trade with them, this is very difficult as sometime the transaction is 6 digits and it does not make sense to park such as large sum without any interest

  • I see. I am previously using Standard Chartered and it also requires money to be parked there before I can trade hence it is the same for me. In fact, I also tried DBS Vickers and I think it is similar, no?

  • Or was it for DBS, there are two styles, with and without money parked. And the one with money parked have lower transaction fees.

  • The benefit of parking money there first is that commission for local shares is only 0.12%. I hv shares with Swiss Exchange and their commission is only 0.2% vs DBS @ 0.4%. For US shares, I still use TDAmeritrade as their commission is based on per trade rather than number of shares u trade.

  • I think the good thing about Standard Chartered is that you can FAST transfer in the amount that you intend to trade on the same day itself, whereas for Saxo, you would need to keep a minimum amount there, no matter you want to trade or not. For DBS Vickers, I think you can only transfer in the amount during trading hours, and you can’t transfer in the amount outside trading hours (unlike Standard Chartered). Do correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I contacted Saxo Marketing Manager, Mr Oh Wei Fang regarding A/C Opening with Saxo n the tie – up to StockCafe. He said there is no tie – up that he is aware of. Can you check the correct contact person in Saxo? Tq.

  • I signed up using the Saxo page and is supported by Wei Fang (Saxo). Completed one trade on 20 Sep and hope they give StocksCafe the commission as promised.

  • Evan – Sorry to trouble you. Google Search cannot find the link I copied n pasted. Can you check again?

  • hi evan, is this tie-up with SAXO still valid? May I have the updated link to register for a new account with SAXO pls? You can PM me too if that is more convenient

    PS: I’m a current Friends of Stockscafe.

  • Hey Evan, is the tie up with Saxo still valid for 5 yrs of Friends membership? If yes, can you send updated link to register please?

  • Hey Evan, I have registered and opened a new account with Saxo. How would I be eligible to be granted Friend of StocksCafe status for five years? Is it automatically enrolled once I’ve made my first trade?


  • Hi evan, I have called in to Saxo and made sure the referral is to Stockcafe. Is any one trade from saxo the final criteria to be eligible for friends of stock cafe?

  • Hi Evan, I have registered and opened a new account with Saxo too and made a few trade so far. May I check how to enroll?

  • @miaosi89

    Thank you for signing up with Saxo through StocksCafe.

    1) Please ensure that you did use this website and entered your StocksCafe username->

    2) If you did one correctly, there is nothing needed to be done except wait for 2-3 months after your first trade and Saxo will give me the referral fees and I will upgrade you.
    (Note: Recently, they seems to be more prompt and is giving the referral fees around 1-2 months).

  • Hi Evan,

    I have signed up for Saxo, and made my referrer StocksCafe. Have also made >1 trades on my Saxo. Do let me know if you need more details

  • @anon Thank you for trying out Saxo through StocksCafe. Typically, Saxo takes 2-3 months from first trade to recognize the referral. So, I expect it to be end of June or end of July latest. Please reach out if you do not hear from me by early August. Thanks.

    • Hi Helen,

      Yes, the Saxo tie-up is still ongoing. The official page for the collab is here:

      You will receive Global Friend of StocksCafe status for five years after signing up through the referral link (the link you posted is correct) and making at least one trade.

      As soon as Saxo sends us confirmation of the referral, we will update your Friend status (this usually takes 2-3 months after you make your first trade).

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

Evan Koh



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