SG T-Bills 2.0


About 5 months ago, StocksCafe started supporting Singapore T-Bills as it was becoming popular due to the ever increasing interest rates. Soon, hundreds of users have enter their T-Bills transactions into StocksCafe.

Today, I would like to share two features that was added yesterday that will make your T-Billing life easier.

Auto-create sell transactions

Previously, you would need to create both the buy and sell transactions. However, T-Bill is an investment where you know exactly when the maturity date is and the price it will be then. Therefore, it is possible for StocksCafe to help you create the sell transaction automatically.

All you need to do is simply enter the Maturity date when you create the buy transaction.

Maturity date in the naming

Previously, all T-Bills are simply named “SG T-Bill [Year] [Duration]” (e.g. SG T-Bill 2023 6M) and therefore it is difficult for users with multiple T-Bills to differentiate them.

Now, as long as you enter the maturity date when you input the buy transaction, StocksCafe will use that information to display it in the name (e.g. SG T-Bill 4 Apr 2023 6M).

What to do next?

If you want the names of your T-Bill to change, simply edit existing T-Bill buy transactions and add in the maturity date then the name will be auto updated. Note that sell transactions will not be auto-created this way.

If you want the sell transaction to be auto-created, you would need to add it as a brand new transaction. So, if you have existing buy transaction, I recommend for you to copy it before deleting it.

As always, continue to share what features you would love to see in StocksCafe to better support your investment journey!

Happy T-Billing!


Evan Koh



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