Past & Future of StocksCafe


It’s been three weeks since my last article, but in case you think StocksCafe is going dormant, it is not!

During these three weeks, I have still been maintaining StocksCafe, answering queries and fixing reported bugs, etc. It’s just that I did not have time to sit down and build a more sizeable feature that is worth mentioning. The main reason for this is because of my recent business trip to United States due to my day job.

During this period, one interesting feature that was suggested was to have a timeline so that users can know what is the next big feature that I will be working on. I agree that can be useful and in fact, I thought including the past would make it more complete. Hence I have built a timeline which list down all the past and future major milestones for everyone to see the journey and direction of StocksCafe. Here it is:
Past & Future of StocksCafe

As you can see, the next two bigger features that I will be working on will be to extend support to US markets, and also improving the portfolio management tool to support all sorts of investment vehicles. These features are decided based on requests from users, so you can certainly help shape the direction that StocksCafe is taking. Please continue to feedback actively.

Happy investing!


  • US markets? Can’t wait! Perhaps slipping in the LSE might be possible too – for those who purchase shares, or particularly for me, ETFs – listed on the London exchange.

  • US… exciting! But investments therein are subjected to USD fluctuations and geopolitical pressures.
    As for me, I am more keen on SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange) because of my bias towards Swiss franc as a safe haven currency. I use Swissquote Bank as my trading vehicle for this 🙂

  • @All: Thanks. Yes, US market is certainly one next market. As for LSE and SIX, realistically, it will be at least next year or later.

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