Quick Update: Indexes in StocksCafe


StocksCafe is always doing its best to improve itself, and the latest addition to StocksCafe is indexes.

You can view the list of indexes that is now supported by StocksCafe. For now, we have only added a few popular ones. If there are others that you would like to see, let us know and we will see if we can add it.

What Can You Do With Indexes?

  1. You can use it as a benchmark if you like. Although we would recommend using ETFs that track the index as a benchmark instead as you cannot directly buy Indexes.
  2. You can set alerts for it like you would on any other stock (e.g. S&P500).
  3. You can view the components inside the index (e.g. S&P500).

Have other ideas on how indexes can be used? Let us know by commenting below!

Happy investing!


Evan Koh



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