Completed! – Hong Kong & Malaysia Market Integration


I am happy to share that after almost four months of effort, I have completed the integration for both Hong Kong & Malaysia. Almost every feature that is available for the Singapore market is also available for Hong Kong and Malaysia markets.

A few exceptions are Dividend Strength, Future Yield (which is based on Dividend Strength) and Earnings Release. I will be attempting to build Dividend Strength models for Hong Kong and Malaysia stocks in the near future. Earnings release is also in the pipeline.

What’s Next?
For the past few months, I was overwhelmed by the boring integration issues and neglected many interesting feature requests made by users. Therefore, I plan to focus on them for the next 1-2 months. If you are a Friend of StocksCafe, be sure to vote for or request for features here!

Apart from that, there are two main themes that are currently on my mind:

1) It is perhaps about time to include US market data. So many different users have time and again independently asked for it. Although to be honest, I am not mentally prepared to go back to the boring data integration and cleaning phase again 🙁

2) With the ever-increasing amount of information and features in StocksCafe, it is becoming overwhelming for many users, myself included. It is perhaps time to build a customizable and intelligent dashboard that will allow users to see the important information they needed in a single page.

For now, I just wanted to share them with you. I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on them too.

Happy investing!

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