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On my recent trip back to Singapore, I met up with Alvin and Jon (both of them from DrWealth) for breakfast. We had a good chat and agreed that there could be good synergy between StocksCafe and DrWealth and decided to try working together more closely going forward.

For those who do not know, DrWealth is a financial education provider. I attended one of their online courses two years back and personally, I enjoyed the e-course and learned/refreshed many things then.

They regularly run a 2.5 hours introductory lesson as a free preview to their Factor-Based Investing Course. This course has good reviews (see here and here) and the introductory lesson is free. Thus, if you have 2.5 hours to spare, why not take the chance and expand your knowledge?

Disclaimer: If you sign up for their paid Factor-Based Investing Course, StocksCafe will receive referral fees from DrWealth. As a form of thank you, you will in turn be granted Friend of StocksCafe status for seven years! Do note that you need to sign up via this link though.

Happy learning and investing!


Evan Koh



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