COVID-19 and StocksCafe Improvements


Free COVID-19 Insurance
With the daily new cases worldwide still climbing, it is likely COVID-19 is far from over. While some might view this period as an opportune time to shop for discounted stocks, it might also be a good idea to check and ensure that you and your loved ones have sufficient insurance coverage against COVID-19.

In case you are not aware, there are several companies offering free COVID-19 health insurance for their customers, and here is a list. In an ideal world, none of us would need to utilize our insurance. But these are uncertain times and every bit of coverage helps. It might be a good time to review you and your loved ones health insurance coverage.

StocksCafe Improvements
As always, I am continuously making improvements to StocksCafe. As I have been working from home, I gained a bit extra time to work on StocksCafe (due to time saved from commuting). Among the many improvements made recently, I would like to highlight two of them.

1) Watchlists and Alerts
In the past, alerts were tightly integrated with watchlists which made it cumbersome. For example, you could only create alerts for stocks that are in your watchlists. To even just add a stock to your watchlist required several steps.

Now, not only are they separate and independent features, you can also easily add stocks to your watchlist or create alerts directly from any stock page (e.g. DBS) without leaving the page.

2) Portfolio Performance
I have added a new portfolio performance page for you to have an overview of your portfolio performance in the last X days.

As always, I am happy to receive feedback on features to make them even better in supporting your investment journey.

Stay safe, everyone! In both investments and health!


  • Hi Evan,

    Great work on the platform as usual. I have a question on the new portfolio performance page. Based on what I see, it seems to be using your current portfolio composition to compute the performance in the past X days. This is because the performance for the current portfolio is displayed.

    Is that the case or just a presentation issue and the performance figure is computed taking into account portfolio changes in the time period?

  • “it seems to be using your current portfolio composition to compute the performance in the past X days.” => Yes, you are right.

    I choose that because it is the easiest to understand and for the Stock Return to reconcile with the Portfolio Return easily. If I were to include the activities during the time period (i.e. buy / sell activities within the time period), it can be more complex. Not impossible though.

Evan Koh



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