We are excited to announce our new collaboration with The Loan Connection, a trusted mortgage broker specializing in providing personalized mortgage solutions in Singapore.

The Loan Connection works with a network of banks and financial institutions to offer competitive rates and tailored mortgage options for both residential and commercial properties.

I have personally engaged the services of Dexter at TLC when I was looking to finance the purchase of my new home a couple of years ago, and can confidently recommend him.

Why Choose The Loan Connection?

  • Mortgage Expertise: The Loan Connection’s team of experienced mortgage brokers can assist you in finding the right mortgage solution tailored to your needs, whether you are a first-time home buyer, property investor, or seeking to refinance.
  • Wide Network: Benefit from access to a wide network of lenders, ensuring you get competitive rates and favorable terms.
  • No Fees: The Loan Connection does not charge any fees to its clients. Their commission comes from the bank upon successful loan disbursement.
  • Unbiased recommendations: All banks pay out the same fee, which is a percentage of the loan size. As this is independent of the rates offered, their highest priority is to secure the most favorable rates possible for their clients. And if it doesn’t make sense for you to refinance, they will tell you honestly too!
  • Personalized Service: Enjoy personalized service and expert advice throughout the process, making your journey hassle-free.

Referral Program Details

As part of our collaboration, StocksCafe users can take advantage of an exclusive referral program with The Loan Connection. Here’s how it works:

  • Free Subscription: For every $100,000 mortgage loan amount taken up through StocksCafe’s referral, you will receive one year of free Global Friend subscription.
    e.g. for a loan amount of $1M, you will get 10 years of subscription free!

How It Works

  1. Initiate contact: Send your contact information via this page and TLC will get in touch with you shortly.
  2. Timeline: If you decide to take on one of the mortgage options through TLC, and the bank approves the loan, you will receive the free Global Friend subscription within 3 months from the loan acceptance date.

Start Exploring Mortgage Solutions

If you happen to be looking to finance or refinance your mortgage, it really doesn’t hurt to speak to mortgage brokers who are experts in navigating mortgages (bonus: it doesn’t cost you money to seek their advice!)

p.s.: As with all other StocksCafe collaborations, you are more than welcome to get your friends and family to sign up using StocksCafe’s referral link (be sure to fill in your StocksCafe username) and we will credit the StocksCafe subscription to you if they are willing to share StocksCafe’s benefits with you.

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