Welcome to the Dark Side!


Many users have been requesting for StocksCafe to join the Dark side 🙂

That is, to make Dark mode an option. As always, we do our best to meet users’ requests as long as it is within our means, especially if many requested for it.

Today, we are happy to share that you can now choose between the Light and Dark color schemes. As this is our first iteration for the Dark color scheme, please let us know if we missed out on any page or section.

Happy (dark) investing!

p.s.: This is currently available on Desktop only. We will work on making Dark mode available for Mobile App in future.


  • Dark Mode looks good, however this makes the loss (Red) & Gains (Green) a little harder to see.
    You might want to use brighter Red or Green when it switches into Dark Mode.

  • thanks Evan! Very excited to see this option being finally available. btw- any plans to introduce a darker dark mode? like true black for the background. That might make the text more readable as highlighted by southerncross as well.

  • @southerncross I realized that I did not change for all. I just did it. Do check again

    @crayxc30ac Unlikely will introduce different shades of dark 🙂 I will continue to tune it to make it as smoothing to the eyes as possible (likely via copying the color combo of other apps that I like).
    Of course, everyone have their own preference. Maybe the right way forward it to enable users to upload their own css file and/or determine their own color combo.

  • Hi Evan,

    The below text at the overall screen are still darker than others.

    Overall – TWR = 56.49%, Xirr = 12.73%

  • Evan thanks for your hard work! Will it be possible for you to tweak the dark mode background colour to reduce the amount of green/blue so it has more of a grey appearance? Hardwarezone forum (https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/) has nice dark mode colours (click on the crescent icon beside “?” icon), maybe you can reference that.

  • @peritexo Agree on the too much blue. But got too much green? Where? Also, yes hardwarezone seems to have decent dark mode.

  • @evankoh Ah I see. Maybe it’s my monitor but I couldn’t really tell if there’s too much green or blue so I decided to mention both, to be safe, haha.

Evan Koh



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