Upcoming Changes to StocksCafe


Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the recent survey. There are so much that we learnt through this survey and we will slowly but surely incorporate most if not all of the learnings.

Key Learnings:

1. many of StockCafe’s features are not used

Essentially, most users only love/use the Portfolio Management feature and everything else can be a distraction. So, we will simplify/hide many features over time to keep StocksCafe looks clean and easy to use.

In fact, we just released the first iteration of the new navigation today. Do check it out!

2. StocksCafe is complex and the learning curve is Steep

We will continue to add more tutorials and more Youtube videos. On top of that, we are also considering piloting online courses/workshop to onboard new users.

3. We want more advanced features

In contrast to the two points above, there is another group (although significantly smaller) of power users who are asking for more advanced/complex features.

To handle requests from both camps, we are considering create another website/app to better segment users.

4. Manually entering transactions is painful

To overcome this perfectly, we need brokerages to have APIs to sync with them but most of them do not. One of the rare brokerages that had it was TD Ameritrade, but even that they gave us issues.

Ultimately, I think the way to go in the long run is for StocksCafe to become a brokerage somehow.

5. Having to handle stock splits events manually is tedious

We have a feature in the pipeline to semi-automate this. We have successfully tested it with the recent split event for C31 and we will be rolling this out fully in the coming weeks/months.

6. StocksCafe should be free or mostly free

There is always a camp that is requesting for StocksCafe to be free. As before, my response to that is, nothing is truly free. If it is “free”, you are either paying for it in a different way (e.g. ads) or someone else is paying it for you.

What we have done is create collaborations with brokerages who are willing to pay it for you if you use/try their brokerages (see Tiger and Saxo collaborations).

As always, happy to hear any thoughts / feedback / suggestions.

Happy investing!


Evan Koh



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