Quick Features’ Update: Who owns what, 52-weeks high-low, disabling cash balance and more


It have been two weeks since the last article, and I thought I should just give a quick update of the improvements made to SGXcafe over the last two weeks in case you think that SGXcafe is becoming inactive 🙂 In fact, on the contrary, I have been actively adding new features!

I will just highlight a few features that might be of interest:

1) Who owns this stock? At the point of writing, there are 314 shared portfolios, of which 71 hold DBS stocks, but who are they? With the recent update, you can now easily view are the users (who have shared their portfolios) that own stocks that you are interested in (e.g. DBS).

2) 52-Week Range: You might have noticed a green-red bar indicating how close or far a stock in your portfolio is from its 52-Week High. It is a quick and visually pleasing way to easily find out which stocks in your portfolio are trending high (or low).

3) Disabling Cash Balance: It seems like numerous users are not really using the Cash Balance feature citing it to be troublesome to maintain and not 100% accurate. Therefore I have added an option for you to hide it. I would encourage you to use it though as I personally depend on it quite a bit. As I have several trading accounts, it serves as a quick way to know how much cash I have in each account.

Of course, there are numerous other tweaks happening constantly, and I shall leave the rest for you to discover 🙂

Happy investing!


  • @evankoh – I like all the above. If only u gave us a tool to notify our followers. I noticed a lot of chaps with zero portfolio….like leeches. I am thinking of letting them know to properly setup portfolio so we all learn. Otherwise, drop. That is only fair.

  • “If only u gave us a tool to notify our followers.” => You mean like a way to broadcast to your followers?

  • Sounds good. I believe it is always nice to have easy means of communication. Will think of something to build around this.

  • Hi Evan, I have noticed these even before your post. Some of the features added amazed me how much thought your have put in to improve SGxcafe. Another feature which is not mention here but I like is the way you have added the screeners in the user tab for each stock.

Evan Koh



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