SGXcafe to Expand to APAC!


After a round of voting and discussion with Friends of SGXcafe, I am happy to share that we have decided to support APAC markets in the upcoming expansion!

I have already started work to include Hong Kong exchange data. You should start to see changes within this week. Supporting a brand new market is not easy and would take time to iron out all the details, especially since I developed SGXcafe previously with the assumption that I would only support SGX (as you can clearly tell from the domain 🙂

I estimate it would take until the end of April before the bulk of the integration is completed. In the process, some things might break here and there, so please report if you see any irregularities. Thank you for your patience.

As SGXcafe continues to improve and provide more value to you, I hope you would participate in this journey by supporting SGXcafe via one of the following:

1) Share SGXcafe: Let more people know about SGXcafe via word of mouth, facebook or blogs/websites.

2) Support SGXcafe: Donate and enjoy the benefits of being a Friend of SGXcafe.

Happy investing!


Evan Koh



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