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StocksCafe is migrating to CoinGecko as our upstream cryptocurrencies data provider.

How to migrate

If you only hold popular cryptocurrencies (>5 followers in StocksCafe), then the migration is already done for you. You simply have to check if everything looks ok. That is, everything is in exchange CG (prefix CG:) and nothing is in exchange CC (prefix CC:). Please let me know if anything is not migrated properly.

If you hold less popular cryptocurrencies (<5 followers in StocksCafe) or find anything still in exchange CC, please use this page to find its CoinGecko ID. Then, create a ticket clearly stating the mapping between exchange CC and exchange CG. Example: “CC:BTC-USD => CG:BITCOIN”

If you hold CC:LUNA-USD or CC:LUNA1-USD, it is migrated to CG:TERRA-LUNA.

Note: We are deprecating exchange CC hence you MUST migrate and you cannot add new transactions in exchange CC.

StocksCafe always aims to improve our services and features. Even if that means some pain for us and users in the short run. We hope that you would bear this short-term pain of migrating and support us in improving ourselves.

PS: Why did we only auto-migrate popular cryptocurrencies? It is because even for the popular cryptocurrencies, Evan had to manually check and perform the mapping between the two exchanges for the auto-migration to happen. It is too much work for Evan to do alone, hence had to rely on users to support as well.

If you have been tracking your cryptocurrencies portfolio in StocksCafe, you would know that there have been some issues with it all along. Many of the issues are due to our upstream provider for cryptocurrencies.

  1. Supports only up to 4 decimal places. Whenever a crypto price is less than 0.0001, it is shown as zero (e.g. Shiba Inu). They have promised for months to rectify it but never got around it.
  2. Request for new crypto can take several days. It is because we would have to email upstream after user creates a ticket to request for it. Wait for their response (to be fair they are pretty responsive though it still takes 1-2 days usually) and then we would have to add the crypto in StocksCafe.
  3. Sudden ticker change. If you have been tracking Luna, you would one day wake up realizing that Luna symbol has changed from CC:LUNA-USD to CC:LUNA1-USD. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and pushed me to find and migrate to a new provider for cryptocurrencies.

We have landed on migrating to CoinGecko as our new upstream provider. We believe and hope that with CoinGecko, all the above issues would be resolved.

  1. Shiba Inu is no longer simply 0. That holds true for all other cryptocurrencies with value <0.0001
  2. As long as you can find the cryptocurrency here, I can add it to StocksCafe immediately once I see the request (without having to rely on a third party).
  3. Given that they are one of the largest cryptocurrency aggregator sites, I would assume that they would not randomly change the unique identifier (i.e. id/symbol) of their cryptocurrencies *fingers crossed*

Limitations – There are two key limitations in using CoinGecko.

  1. Basically, StocksCafe can only support what CoinGecko supports. We have yet to try to request for new cryptocurrencies to be supported in CoinGecko hence we would not know how responsive or willing they are on that. However, given that they are one of the largest cryptocurrency aggregator site, we would suppose that they have most, if not all of the reliable cryptocurrencies in the world. If they do not support it, maybe you should reconsider holding them 🙂
  2. We could essentially only get Close price reliably from their API especially for historical data. Hence High and Low prices that you see for CoinGecko are simply based on Open and Close, whichever is higher or lower. And Open is simply yesterday Close which makes sense since cryptocurrencies are traded round the clock.

As always, continue to give us your feedback / comments / suggestions.

Happy investing!


  • Thank for the update Evan!

    Do note that the link <> to find the coin gecko ID is broken.


  • That’s great news! Btw I know not exactly relevant but is there anyway I can export the data from coingecko’s inhouse crypto portfolio tracker to stocks cafe?

    They don’t even have a CSV export function and I always felt uncomfortable not being able to back up my data periodically.

  • Thanks evan! Loving what you are doing with the changes. Especially with the less popular cc. Currently, its still in migration phase i presume as i tried keying in new cc into the portfolio but i think CG is not fully migrated yet as it still reflects CC. Is there a date when its fully migrated to CG?


    • Hi Ben, can you send me a forum message with more details? CG is kinda fully migrated.

      1) If your CC is not migrated, you need to follow the steps in the article to let me help you migrate.

      2) If you have a crypto that I have yet to set active, also let me know. I did not want to set all cryptos to be active because there are just too many.

  • Hi Evan, thanks for that. I am also using CoinGecko as my main portfolio management platform for Crypto, I think it is quite good and the change makes sense. Thanks as usual for the work!

Evan Koh



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