Unstable June


I realized that I did not post any article for the whole of June.

It is due to a combination of various reasons but the main reason was that I tried switching to a new caching system (i.e. Redis) for StocksCafe thinking that it is better. However, due to my lack of experience with it, it instead made StocksCafe unstable. Causing out of memory issues, displaying stale data, etc. These resulted in StocksCafe being slow, emails not being sent out, and other weird bugs.

Initially, I tried to spend time fixing them but it did not really improve the situation. Hence, in the last few days, I switched back to the previous caching system (i.e. Memcached) which has its own limitations but at least it is much more stable now.

At any rate, I am finally free from fire-fighting (I hope!) and can spend my time building all the new features that I really wanted to.

Thank you for your patience during this period!


Evan Koh



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