Final Chance To Win Tesla Model 3


Webull is ending its anniversary celebration with a Tesla Model 3 lucky draw on 30 June, 17:30 SGT.

Sign up with Webull by 30 June 15:59 SGT to be eligible for the draw. In addition, if you fund your account with SGD 100, you are guaranteed to get 4-20 free shares worth between USD 3 to 1,000! Keep the SGD 100 there for 30 days to get another 2-20 free shares. On top of all these, you will also get 1 year of StocksCafe’s Global Friend subscription when you sign using StocksCafe referral link.


Q: Will Webull have better promotions in future?
A: As least based on my Webull contact, the Tesla 3 draw is an anniversary event, so, it will no longer be there. Also, based on the recent trends, Webull rewards have only been reducing. Therefore, the best time to sign up is now!

Q: I already signed up with Webull. How can I still participate in this?
A: You can refer your friends and family to sign up. If they win the Tesla, you will have one more friend or family member with a Tesla to drive you around 🙂
In addition if they sign up via StocksCafe’s referral link and they are happy to give you the 1 year subscription, we are more than happy to do so.

Q: How many people can I refer?
A: Unlimited. As long as the person uses StocksCafe’s referral link to sign up and fund with at least SGD 1 then we will award you with 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription for each sign up.

Q: I still have StocksCafe subscription left, will the subscription stack?
A: Of course! All subscription extensions will be from the last day of the existing subscription.

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