Goodbye Mobile App


TLDR; If you are still using the StocksCafe mobile app downloaded from AppStore or PlayStore, we highly recommend you switch over to using web browser to access on your mobile phone instead.

Why are we deprecating the mobile app?

When everyone else is releasing mobile app, why is StocksCafe removing ours? There are a few reasons why.

  1. Too costly – Developing and maintaining three different interfaces (i.e. Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App) is not easy for us, as it means having to manage three set of codes, experiences, and bugs. This is too costly in terms of time and effort especially for a small operation like StocksCafe.
  2. Native app look and feel – With this new framework that we are using, not only is it better on the development end, but we can also easily replicate the look and feel of native apps in mobile web browsers.
  3. Annoying Apple – Finally, Apple is really annoying when it comes to reviewing apps. Apple regularly refuses to approve StocksCafe’s app for reasons that we find unreasonable. For example, they insist we implement the ability to log in via Apple ID or they will not approve our app. And of course, StocksCafe also needs to pay them 30% commission if we want to collect payments via the mobile app.


There are about 50% of users experiencing StocksCafe via mobile even though the current mobile experience is far from perfect.

So in 2023, one of the key objectives is to switch to a mobile-first experience. That means, for every new feature that we will be releasing, we will aim to release it in mobile first (whenever it makes sense).

The goal for 2023 is for users to be able to fully experience StocksCafe via mobile. Please do not hesitate to share over here what are the features that you look forward to see in mobile.

Happy investing!


  • I am who have StocksCafe (SC) App installed on my mobile. However, I find the PC application much better to view (on larger screen to see spreadsheet of data fm SC. Hence I am part of the 50% quite indifferent whether there is mobile app available or not. Fyi.

  • I been a member for years and totally understand the issues one has with Apple approvals.
    That’s said I only use your web interphase as I use the comparative portion to review my portfolio.

Evan Koh



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