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Webull is back again with a sweet deal for StocksCafe users in November!

To qualify

All you need to do is open a Webull account using StocksCafe’s referral link and fund the account with at least SGD 1 (but we recommend at least SGD 4,150. Continue reading to see why) before 30 November 15:59 SGT.

Anyone who has opened a Webull account using StocksCafe’s referral link previously but has yet to fund the account also qualifies for this month’s awesome promotion.

According to Webull’s affiliate dashboard, there are >100 people who have opened a Webull account using StocksCafe’s referral link previously but never funded it.

Also, feel free to get your friends and family to sign up using StocksCafe’s referral link! While they enjoy all the bonuses from Webull, we will be happy to give the StocksCafe bonus to you (with their agreement).

Image 1: Funding Bonus

What you will get

Funding Bonus 1: First of all, once you fund the account with any amount (yes, it can be as low as SGD 1), you will get USD 50 to USD 2,500 worth of free shares.

Funding Bonus 2: And if you keep the money there for 30 days, you will get another USD 50 to USD 2,500 worth of shares.

MoneyBull Bonus 1: If you fund the account with at least USD 3,000, activate the MoneyBull feature and keep that in Webull until 29 Feb 29 2024 (~90 days), you will get an additional USD 100 in cash voucher which you can withdraw. If you fund more, you get more. See Image 2 below for more details.

In case, there is any doubt, you do not have to put your funds into MoneyBull to qualify for this bonus. You just have to keep them in Webull. That means you can use them to buy stocks if you prefer. Even if those stocks value drop (*touch wood), it will not affect the bonus. Only withdrawal of funds out of Webull before 29 Feb will affect the bonus.

Note: For those who prefer to keep the money in SGD, Webull will apply a fixed rate of 1 SGD to 0.7297 USD. That is, to hit the min USD 3,000, you can instead fund the account with SGD 4,150.

MoneyBull Bonus 2: In addition, if you put your funds into MoneyBull, you can enjoy the high interest rates that it is paying. That would work out to about USD 266 for USD 3,000 by 29 Feb 2024.

StocksCafe Bonus: Finally, you can also get one year StocksCafe subscription free worth SGD 45. To be clear, you will receive it even if you currently have remaining StocksCafe subscription. The subscription will be extended from the current end date.

After funding, simply send us a message via the forum’s private messaging the last 4 digits of the phone number that is associated with the account.

Image 2: MoneyBull Bonus

With such great deals, what are you waiting for? 😉

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