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Update: Please check this article! In short, referral program is now extended to lifetime (instead of just one year)

Although StocksCafe basically takes up most of my weekday nights and weekends, it is becoming more enjoyable to work on mainly because there is a growing number of users who love StocksCafe. Beyond raising feature requests and bug reports, many users even share the worry of how to make StocksCafe profitable and sustainable. One suggested idea was to have a referral program.

Therefore, I am happy to share that StocksCafe will start its own referral program!

The terms and conditions are simple.

1) You need to be a Friend of StocksCafe to participate. Your friend status needs to be valid when your referral enters your referral code, and also when you make withdrawals.

2) Your referral will get to enjoy being a Friend of StocksCafe and test out all features for free for two months.

3) You will receive 20% of all contributions made by your referrals in the first 365 days from the day they sign up. forever! (See this article why we have changed it to forever)

4) You can use the referral fees earned to either extend your friend status or withdraw in cash! Either way, send me a message to let me know.

5) Your referral code will simply be your username.
Information on how many you have referred, how much they have contributed, and how much referral fees you have accumulated can be found here.

Note: For cash withdrawals, I can send you the money via PayNow, PayLah, or PayPal. If the withdrawal is less than SGD 50, there will be a SGD 2 admin fee. For cash withdrawals of SGD 50 or more, no admin fee will be charged. The main reason for doing so is simply to prevent numerous withdrawals of low amounts. Less time processing admin work means more time to work on StockCafe features! 😉

Let’s work together to make StocksCafe sustainable!



  • Hi Evan,

    I am referred to Stocks cafe by my husband Mr Oh Boon Hwee, who is a member of Stocks cafe.

    May i confirm that the referral program still available? As i did’nt include his information in my application and made payment for 1 yr subscription via my credit card on 2 Dec 20 at 5.40pm.

    I will be happy to include him as my referral if it is possible.

    Thank you
    Felicia Lee

Evan Koh



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