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TLDR; In 2023, StocksCafe will increase the price for the 3-year plan. The best way to lock in the 3-years plan for free is simply sign up for Webull via StocksCafe and you can even get USD 150 cash voucher from Webull! (Promotion till 31 December 2022.)

When we first started StocksCafe, we wanted to provide it for free but as investors, we all know that nothing is free. Someone has to be paying the bills, in one way or another. In our opinion, partnerships with good brokerages is one of the best methods we have found. Brokerages get users, you get to use StocksCafe for free, and StocksCafe gets to pay the bills.

So this month, we continue to work with Webull to offer you a special deal. All you need to do is sign up with Webull via StocksCafe and fund the account with at least SGD 1 and you will get 3-years of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 115). However, we do strongly recommend funding the account with at least SGD 2,000 so that you can also try out Webull and get up to USD 150 cash rewards from them too.

Do note that this promotion ends on 31 December 2022. For more details about Webull and FAQs about this collaboration, please check out this post.

p.s.: You can also recommend your friends and family to sign up with Webull via StocksCafe, and if they are willing to give you the 3-years of StocksCafe subscription, it is totally fine with us too!

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