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This is a short article to quickly share what I did for StocksCafe this past weekend:

Screen for HK stocks
I have updated the Screener so that you can now also screen for Hong Kong stocks!

New Facebook Page
As I have recently migrated the website from SGXcafe to StocksCafe, I wanted to change name on the facebook page from SGXcafe to StocksCafe, but was repeatedly rejected by Facebook. Hence, I decided to create a new page and would like to use this going forward. Go here and be the first few to like it 😉

Remove Rarely-Used Features
As more features continue to be added to StocksCafe, it is equally important to remove features that are rarely used to keep the website clean and maintenance easy for me. Hence, if you start to notice any feature that you love suddenly gone, be sure to let me know!

Happy investing!


  • I think certain fields like dividend payout are not calculated for HK stocks?
    most screens in my list don’t show any HK companies so I wondering if there is something else missing.

  • Yes, you are right. Not all metrics are available for HK stocks like dividend payout which you mention and dividend strength. I am working to add them. Do highlight those that are important to you so that I do not miss them.

  • dividend strength is not important to me; not sure if others need it.
    dividend payout might be more relevant bah…

    Still looking and will report if there are others… thank you!

  • Great work Evan!

    The important metrics for me would be cash and cash equivalents, total market cap, total liabilities, total equity and ROE.

  • @jiayi, I will work on adding cash equivalents. As for the rest, there should be working. Let me know if you meet any issues using them.


  • Hi Erwin,

    There is not really a tutorial as far as I remember. It is meant to be easily usable without any tutorial. Let me know if anything is unclear to you.


  • @jiayi, Cash Equivalent should be available now.

    @chaosuaykia, I am backfilling (i.e. computing past) dividend payout % now. They should be available by tomorrow.


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