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[Fixed] HK Data Not Updated


Update: This issue is now fixed. Many have reached out about HK data still stuck on 31 August. We are very sorry for the issue. This is caused by an issue on our data provider’s end and we are working with them to get this resolved as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are also exploring alternative data vendors if our current provider continues to give us issues. However, to be fair, they...

Your Position Has Been Impacted


TLDR; Do not worry, your stock position(s) in StocksCafe did not get impacted. This is more of a personal update. As many of you might know, I have always held a full time job while I built StocksCafe on the side. However, that has changed due to a dreadful email titled “Your Position Has Been Impacted” that I received just a few days ago. Unfortunately, I am one of the many that got...

Evan Koh & StocksCafe


TLDR; If you have some free time and wants to learn more about Evan Koh & StocksCafe, you can watch this interview (recommended to watch at 2x speed) I recently attended a networking event organized by Moomoo and had the good fortune of meeting Kelvin. Kelvin is a well-known YouTuber who runs the channel “Kelvin Learns Investing” where he covers various topics related to finance...

Sembcorp Marine acquisition of Keppel O&M


TLDR; If you do not own Keppel (SGX:BN4), you can stop reading. If you have them on 23 Feb 2023, you can either accept this event or handle it yourself with the recommendations below. For every 1000 shares of Keppel that you have on 23 Feb 2023, you are expected to get 191,000 shares of Sembcorp (SGX:S51). See SGX announcement. Several users have asked how to handle this in this forum thread...

Webull Bonus Subscription Achieved


TLDR; We have increase the promotion for signing up with Webull via StocksCafe referral to 3 years of Global Friend Subscription for Feb 2023! As mentioned previously, if we are able to cross the 60 referrals mark in Feb 2023 (which we did!), we will award everyone who signed up with Webull via StocksCafe referral link during Feb 2023 an extra year of subscription (i.e. total of 3 years). Thank...

Goodbye Mobile App


TLDR; If you are still using the StocksCafe mobile app downloaded from AppStore or PlayStore, we highly recommend you switch over to using web browser to access on your mobile phone instead. Why are we deprecating the mobile app? When everyone else is releasing mobile app, why is StocksCafe removing ours? There are a few reasons why. Too costly – Developing and maintaining three different...

StocksCafe’s Social Media


First of all, we are glad to announce that StocksCafe family is expanding. We now have a dedicated person who will be managing StocksCafe’s Social Media going forward. Please join me in welcoming Yvonne Law! She will be focusing on using 3 main channels: YouTubeFacebookInstagram YouTube will mostly be about video tutorials sharing what cool things you can achieve with StocksCafe. Facebook...

5 “Did you know” Tips for StocksCafe


We are currently running a survey and a mid-point check made us realized that some users did not know about some of the features that already exists in StocksCafe 🙂 If you have yet to respond to the survey, do so by 15 Feb 2022 to stand a chance to win free subscriptions to StocksCafe! 1. Did you know that you can set dividend withholding taxes in StocksCafe? Many of us invest in US exchanges and...

StocksCafe’s YouTube Channel!


Since I started StocksCafe (SGXCafe then), I easily spent over 90% of the time on building the product. However, for a company to be sustainable and grow, building the product is only part of the equation. It is equally, if not more important, to put effort into marketing and representing the product properly. This is especially true for StocksCafe. As StocksCafe becomes more feature-loaded, it...

StocksCafe Now Offers Singapore-Only Plans!


StocksCafe first started as SGXCafe in 2015 as we only supported SGX then. Over time, more exchanges were added as requested by users. However, some users started sharing that they only needed SGX and prefer not to purchase a plan that included everything. It took a while to work out and make the changes, but today – on National Day – we are happy to announce a new plan that is solely...

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