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A big THANK YOU to all 236 users who responded to the survey. As a token of appreciation, we have increased the number of lucky draw winners to 12 so that you have about 5% chance of winning 🙂

The following are the 12 lucky draw winners. Congratulations!
1. mi**se
2. mi**yj
3. ar**al
4. re**gs
5. lk**es
6. wx**85
7. fl**je
8. ta**ng
9. fo**67
10. we**ju
11. ye**ee
12. qi**93

All winners have already been credited the free subscription and notified via a forum private message from me. If you did not win, do not worry. You can always refer friends to StocksCafe and “win” 20% of all contributions they make forever 🙂

Next, let me share 2 quick findings from the survey. More in-depth analysis will be performed over the weekend.

1. As expected, Portfolio Management is still the most used and most loved feature of StocksCafe.

2. Most respondents know about StocksCafe’s referral program but did not know about the benefits of it (e.g. receiving 20% of all contributions, forever) and maybe because of that, most have never referred anyone to StocksCafe.

Once again, thank you for everyone who took time to participate in the survey, we will carefully read through all responses over the weekend and plan what to do next.

Happy investing!

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