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TLDR; For users who are still using username & password or Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please read on. If you are already using Google Login or very happy using username & password, you can skip 🙂

As we switch to the new mobile web interface, a few users are sharing that they are facing issues with saving the login and password (so that they do not need to remember them). However, this issue seems to be an issue with the framework. Therefore, we would not be able to fix it on StocksCafe side.

So, what we like to propose is for you to connect Google login to your account so that you can choose to either use username & password to login or Google login. Next, we will show you how to connect your existing account with Google login.

  1. Go to this url ( on Desktop.
  2. Click on the “Sign in with Google” button on the right hand side of the page. (Note: Based on users feedback, it seems like this button would not show up on Safari.)
  3. Choose the Google account that you would like to connect with StocksCafe
  4. Done. Yes, it is that simple. From now on, you can login to StocksCafe by clicking on the “Login with Google” button. Yay! No more remembering of username and password.

Sorry, it is not possible to perform this connection on Mobile yet but after connecting, you can use Google Login from mobile too!

For those users who are using Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please switch to using Google Login as we will deprecate Facebook Login within this month.

We are not sponsored by Google but their login is really easy to implement and more universal (at least in our opinion).

Happy investing!

ps: Yes, it is perfectly fine to continue using username & password if you want.
pps: Even if you connect with Google Login, you can still continue to use username & password to login.

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