Personalize Your StocksCafe


Everyone is different and uses StocksCafe differently. This is why there are many ways to customize StocksCafe so that it best suits your usage. To make StocksCafe work the best for you, I strongly encourage everyone to go though the different customizable options available if you have not already done so.

Here are the six main customizable categories, along with the recommended settings:

Email – In this category, you can set how often StocksCafe send you an email and also the type of content.
Recommendation: Allow StocksCafe to send you an email every trading day and choose only content you are interested in under “Market Updates”.

Sharing – Over here, you can adjust various options related to what others can see about you.
Recommendation: Share as much information about your portfolio as you are comfortable with so that we can all learn from each other.

Portfolio – With this, you can determine all kinds of settings related to your portfolio.
Recommendation: Choose only markets you are interested in under “Auto-complete Suggestions” as choosing all would make StocksCafe load slower for you.

Watchlist – Here, you can also determine the columns you will see for your watchlist.
Recommendation: Choose only columns that are really useful for you since because in this case, less is more.

Wall – This page allows you to customize the homepage content of StocksCafe.
Recommendation: Use Timeline view and only pick content that is of interest to you.

Others – Here is where I put options that I could not categorize into the above. If you have a large mobile phone, I recommend using “Show desktop view when in mobile” since many features of StocksCafe are only available in desktop view.

Bonus: If you have not realized, you can now give stocks nicknames (e.g. DBS).

As usual, feel free to reach out to me if there are more things you would like to customize.

Happy investing!


Evan Koh



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