Quick Updates: Dividend Withholding Tax and More


Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying yourself this holiday season. Just wanted to quickly share some changes I have made over this weekend:

Dividend Withholding Tax
As StocksCafe recently started supporting US stocks, some users have requested for StocksCafe to automatically adjust for dividends based on individuals’ tax status. For example, most Singapore residents would incur a 30% tax on all dividends collected from US-listed stocks.

Now, you can use this settings page to state your tax rate for different markets and StocksCafe would reflect the dividends collected accordingly.

Although this is a seemingly simple change, it is not. As dividends are used in a wide variety of situations and locations in StocksCafe, I might miss updating it in a couple of places. If you discover any issues, please let me know!

Desktop View in Mobile
You might have realized that StocksCafe is not well-designed for mobile view. This is due to both my lack of design talents and lack of time resources. It takes a lot more time and effort to carefully choose and fit information into a small screen. I am not saying that it is well-designed for desktop, just that it is the lesser of two evils.

Together with mobile device screens becoming increasing larger, there are actually several users who have previously requested that I enable the desktop view format to be available in mobile devices as an option. Hence you can either temporarily set StocksCafe to display the desktop view using this link or you can now more permanently request StocksCafe to use the desktop view with this new setting.

Basic Technicals for US Stocks
Lastly, computations of metrics such as Beta, VaR, Expected Shortfall and Liquidity for US stocks are now available (e.g. Apple Inc). I am working on the final integration phase for US stocks which is the inclusion of fundamental data.

Happy investing!


Evan Koh



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