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A user recently recommended a stock screener website, Uncle Stock, to me. Upon checking the site out, I found that it’s an extremely comprehensive (able to screen all major markets) and powerful (able to screen from >100 metrics) stock screener website.

Overflowing with information, this website might be daunting for new investors to navigate, but will prove to be a mighty tool for those who know how to use the information.

I decided to reach out to Uncle Stock and it was then I found that their background is very similar to StocksCafe! Peter was looking for a good stock screener but couldn’t find one, so he decided to build one for himself, similar to my reasons for starting StocksCafe. Until his son’s recent joining him, it was also a one-man show, just like StocksCafe currently is.

Feeling a sense of connection through our similar circumstances, we decided to support each other by offering the users of the other site a discount. If you like the site and decide to sign up, you can enjoy a 10% via this link.

Let me state upfront that I do not get any form of compensation when users sign up. I merely want to share a useful resource with you, and even better if it comes with a discount! Plus, it is also supporting a fellow developer at the same time, so it’s a win-win-win situation.

Happy investing!

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