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As the amount of content in SGXcafe continues to grow, it is increasing hard for users to easily keep track of everything that is happening. SGXcafe wall is the first effort to make it easier for users to catch up with the latest happenings, especially on the go (via mobile view). Although the wall is customizable to your liking, only 42 users actually tailor it.

Hence I would like to introduce two links that would quickly let you catch up on the latest happenings with as little “noise” as possible on the go (via mobile view).

1) Portfolio Summary – This page allows you to see the daily summary of all your portfolios for the last 21 days in a single page. You can now easily find out how your portfolios are performing in recent days.

2) Related Updates – This page allows you to see all the news, events, discussions, etc that are related to stocks in your portfolio or watchlist. You can now know everything there is to know in a single page.

These are the two pages any busy investor will find useful to visit if they only have time to visit two pages on SGXcafe. Personally, I have these two pages starred and I visit them almost everyday.

On the other hand, sometimes we just want to spend as much time as possible digging through annual reports, announcements and everything there are out there about a particular stock. While I would love to incorporate them into SGXcafe, the licensing costs of doing so is prohibitive for SGXcafe at its current scale.

Therefore, I did the next best thing I could for now, which is to manually search for, validate, and include the homepage and/or investor relations of stocks. Now, you can go to most stock summary pages in SGXcafe and find the homepage and/or investor relations links under General -> Useful Links (e.g. DBS). Now, you can find out more about companies, their annual reports, announcements, etc easily through these links.

Note: Not all stocks have an investor relations page as this is a manual progress that is still ongoing. Also, some stocks simply do not have a website for investor relations.

Happy investing!


  • Sounds good but…
    1) Maybe I am not following…but clicking on the 2 links Portfolio Summary or Related Updates do not bring me to what you mentioned above.
    2) Where is General-> Userful links on SGXCafe homepage?

    Or need to be SGXcafe friend for above features?

  • Hi jcncafe,

    1) My bad. I linked the “This page” instead of the whole thing previously. I have changed that.

    2) Again, apologies for not being clear. It is shown in the General -> Useful links section of Stock Summary page. Please see this ->

    Or need to be SGXcafe friend for above features? => Nope, these features are available for all login users.


  • Jcncafe just PM-ed me again and I realized that there is a bug. The links for Portfolio Summary and Related Updates would not work properly if you set to view SGXcafe homepage in the classical view (See

    I have fixed it since. It should now work properly regardless.

    Thank you everyone for always helping SGXcafe improve!

Evan Koh



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