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It has been quite a few months since we started our collaboration with Moomoo, and we thought it was time to negotiate with Moomoo to update it with a better deal.

So from now till 28 Feb 2023, when you sign up with Moomoo and fund it with at least SGD 100 using this StocksCafe referral link, you will get 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (previously it was only 1 year). However, we strongly recommend you to fund it with SGD 2,700 so that you can get a free share of US stocks (Apple is one of the possible stocks you can win). See details here.

The referral program

Important: To qualify, you need to be a resident of Singapore (i.e. have a Singapore address).

  1. All you need to do is simply sign up and fund your account (with at least SGD 100) with Moomoo via this StocksCafe referral link!

    Next, send me your Moomoo ID via the forum and you will be awarded with 2 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe immediately!

    Note: Feel free to ask your friends or family to sign up using the StocksCafe referral link. If they are happy to give you the StocksCafe reward instead, it is perfectly fine with me. For every signup, you will get 2 more years! So yes, if you get 10 friends to sign up, you will get 20 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe!
  2. To maximise the benefits you can receive, it is recommended for you to at least fund/deposit SGD 2,700 so that you can potentially get a free Apple share.

    Note: This is valid only for the very first deposit that you make to Moomoo. The free share will be deposited within 3 days, but the status of the share will be frozen for 30 days and you need to maintain a daily average asset value of at least SGD 2,700 during that time. See details here.

Why Moomoo

Apart from the low fees and great customer service, Moomoo also has some useful features for the busy investor. e.g. Earnings calendar and earnings report.

Earnings Calendar

Subscribe to companies that you are interested in and receive reminders to join the earnings call. Moomoo supports the playback so that you can watch anytime.

Earnings Report

Get one-sentence summary of the earnings report, corporate Q&A record of
the conference call, and the opinions from financial experts to digest the company’s earnings report in seconds.

We hope that with the improved promotion with Moomoo, you can get both free StocksCafe subscription and an opportunity to try out a brokerage that will help you in your investment journey.

Happy investing!

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