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Announcements of new features, or updates to existing features in StocksCafe

SG T-Bills 2.0


About 5 months ago, StocksCafe started supporting Singapore T-Bills as it was becoming popular due to the ever increasing interest rates. Soon, hundreds of users have enter their T-Bills transactions into StocksCafe. Today, I would like to share two features that was added yesterday that will make your T-Billing life easier. Auto-create sell transactions Previously, you would need to create both...

FX Rate of SGD 1 to USD 50


TLDR; StocksCafe and Webull have a special collaboration from now till 28 Feb 2023 where you just need to fund your Webull account with at least SGD 1 and you are guaranteed to get at least USD 50 worth of stocks (up to USD 500). In addition, you will also get two years Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription worth SGD 90. Sign up now via StocksCafe referral link to participate in this great...

You Got Paid!


We are happy to share that we have built a new feature where you will be notified whenever you receive dividends (i.e. on PayDate)! All you need to do is simply go to the settings page (for desktop, for mobile), look under the “Dividend Notification Email” section, and check the “On PayDate” box. Then, on days when you are expected to receive dividends, you will receive an...

Connect Google Login to existing Account


TLDR; For users who are still using username & password or Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please read on. If you are already using Google Login or very happy using username & password, you can skip 🙂 As we switch to the new mobile web interface, a few users are sharing that they are facing issues with saving the login and password (so that they do not need to remember them)...

New Mobile Web Interface


TLDR; From now on, when you access on mobile web browsers, you will be redirected to where you will experience the new mobile web interface. By the end of this year, we will replace the Mobile App with the Mobile Web interface. Previously, StocksCafe had three different interfaces:1) Desktop interface for users using browsers on desktop Portfolio page on desktop browser 2) Mobile App interface...

Portfolio Cost %


Recently, a user reached out and asked a question: Portfolio Cost Yield is calculated as:Portfolio Cost Yield = Sum(Cost Yield x Portfolio %)I’d like to understand why “Portfolio %” was used instead of “Portfolio Cost %”. This is a great question, and honestly when I first implemented it, I did not think too deeply into it. Hence I decided to discuss more with that user. Let’s use an...

Webull x StocksCafe


This page was last updated on 7 March 2023. TLDR; Sign up with WeBull and fund the account with at least SGD 1 and keep your account for 30 days to get USD 50 to 500 worth of shares (into your Webull account) and 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 90) before 31 March 2023. When I first started StocksCafe, it was a pet project and my intention was to share it...

StocksCafe Now Supports T-Bills!


Due to the recent bearish market, many investors are looking for safer opportunities. It seems like the popular investment among many StocksCafe users now are T-Bills. After receiving several requests for StocksCafe to support them, I decided to spend my weekend implementing a simple way for StocksCafe to support Singapore T-Bills. How to Track T-Bills in StocksCafe? All you need to do is create...

Singapore Multi-Billion Fund’s 3 Major US Bets


Temasek is one of two sovereign wealth funds in Singapore. Since its inception in 1974, some 48 years ago, Temasek’s total shareholder return (TSR) stood at an annualized rate of 14%, which is commendable. In comparison, the MSCI World Index has posted a yearly return of around 8% since 1987. Even though the time frame is not the same, Temasek has managed to beat the average market returns over...

Celebrate Fabulous 40 with Evan!


The founder of StocksCafe turns 40 in July! In the spirit of celebration, StocksCafe will be having never-before-seen promotions! For new paying users: Get 40% off your first paid subscription for all monthly and 1-year subscription plans! Go to the pricing page to check out the new discounted pricing. For those who have paid for a subscription before: Get 40% referral fees instead of the usual...

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