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Announcements of new features, or updates to existing features in StocksCafe

TradingView in StocksCafe


TradingView is arguably the gold standard in charting nowadays. Furthermore, in the recent round of Zoom discussions, it was also one of the features that was requested by a few users. So, as always, ask and you shall be given 🙂 Today, we are happy to share that we have successfully integrated with TradingView (in Desktop for now). If you go to any stock page (e.g. DBS, Apple), you will see that...

uSMART x StocksCafe


I’m sure you will agree that one of the biggest pain points of StocksCafe users is that we have to painstakingly manually enter the transactions made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all transactions could be synced to StocksCafe automatically? Today, I am super excited to share our collaboration with uSMART!  This is a special collaboration because with this, you no longer need to enter...

Auto-Sweep & Other Updates


It has been quiet on the blog for the past month or so, but a lot (of mostly boring development) has been happening back-end. Here are some updates that are more likely to interest you: Auto-Sweep This is used in conjunction with the Cash Balance feature. Quick Recap: Cash Balance allows you to easily track the amount of cash you currently have by tracking cash movements due to buy/sell...

Community Proposed Events


Approximately a year ago, we introduced the Events feature, which greatly simplified the management of events, particularly stock splits. When you accept a pending event, the system automatically generates transactions for you to effortlessly handle the stock split. This means that buy and sell transactions are automatically created with the accurate number of shares and corresponding pricing...

Migrating to Custom Assets


In the previous article, we promised to create a tool for users to easily migrate from Other Assets to Custom Assets. Here are the steps to easily migrate. Go to this page on desktop Choose the asset to migrate. Choose the portfolio to migrate the transactions to Choose the symbol for the asset [Optional] Add a website for the asset, if any Tip: We highly encourage users to create a separate...

Custom Assets


TLDR; If you are using or plan to use the Other Assets feature in StocksCafe, you should continue reading. Else, you can skip. About 5 years ago, we introduced the ability to track assets other than those listed in exchanges supported by StocksCafe. The motivation is simple. Everyone of us have assets beyond those supported by StocksCafe. However, we made a mistake. In the backend, we created...

SG T-Bills 2.0


About 5 months ago, StocksCafe started supporting Singapore T-Bills as it was becoming popular due to the ever increasing interest rates. Soon, hundreds of users have enter their T-Bills transactions into StocksCafe. Today, I would like to share two features that was added yesterday that will make your T-Billing life easier. Auto-create sell transactions Previously, you would need to create both...

FX Rate of SGD 1 to USD 50


TLDR; StocksCafe and Webull have a special collaboration from now till 28 Feb 2023 where you just need to fund your Webull account with at least SGD 1 and you are guaranteed to get at least USD 50 worth of stocks (up to USD 500). In addition, you will also get two years Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription worth SGD 90. Sign up now via StocksCafe referral link to participate in this great...

You Got Paid!


We are happy to share that we have built a new feature where you will be notified whenever you receive dividends (i.e. on PayDate)! All you need to do is simply go to the settings page (for desktop, for mobile), look under the “Dividend Notification Email” section, and check the “On PayDate” box. Then, on days when you are expected to receive dividends, you will receive an...

Connect Google Login to existing Account


TLDR; For users who are still using username & password or Facebook Login to sign in to StocksCafe, please read on. If you are already using Google Login or very happy using username & password, you can skip 🙂 As we switch to the new mobile web interface, a few users are sharing that they are facing issues with saving the login and password (so that they do not need to remember them)...

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