Two Clicks to Any Page!


First of all, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

As I am currently in Japan, I’ve got nowhere to go “bai nian”. In combination with my wife not feeling so well, I’ve got on my hands an entire weekend to work on SGXcafe.

One thing that is starting to irritate me is that as SGXcafe continues to add more features, I would have to make numerous clicks just to access a particular feature. This problem is amplified when I am on mobile where the screen is smaller, and the network slower.

Hence, I’ve added a new Starred page where you can save the pages that you regularly visit. Once starred, you can henceforth reach that page in just two clicks! (i.e. First click: Starred listing page, and second click: the target page). To support easy addition to the Starred page, there is now a link at the bottom every page for you to easily star that page.

I hope you will find this new addition as useful as I do.

Happy investing! Huat Ah!


Evan Koh



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