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We are very pleased to share that StocksCafe has now partnered with yet another brokerage powerhouse, Moomoo (listed in the US as FUTU).
Moomoo is a powerful investing app with all the functionality that you expect from a modern investing platform. It is also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) with Tencent as one of their key strategic investors.

The Referral Program

Important: To qualify, you need to be a resident of Singapore (i.e. have a Singapore address).

Time-limited offer: If you open and fund your account before 31 October 2022, you will immediately be awarded with 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe (worth SGD 45)!

  1. All you need to do is simply sign up and fund your account (with at least SGD2,000) with Moomoo via this StocksCafe referral link!

    Next, send me your Moomoo ID via the forum your Moomoo ID and you will be awarded with 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe immediately!

    Note: Feel free to ask your friends or family to sign up using StocksCafe referral link. If they are happy to give you the StocksCafe reward instead, it is perfectly fine with me. For every signup, you will get 1 more year! So, yes, if you get 10 friends to sign up, you will get 10 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe !
  1. To maximise the benefits you can receive, it is recommended for you to at least fund/deposit SGD 2700 so that you can get a free share worth between SGD 50 and 150 (the free share is random and could be OXY, SE, AMZN, INTC, PFE, etc).

    Note: This is valid only for the very first deposit that you make to Moomoo. The free share will be deposited within 3 days, but the status of the share will be frozen for 30 days and you need to maintain a daily average asset value of at least SGD 2700 during that time.
  1. If you invest SGD 100 into their Cash Plus funds, you can get up to SGD 60 cashback. (i.e. You get SGD 2 per day staying invested in their Cash Plus account.)
    Note: Cash Plus funds are money funds with very low risk but it is not completely risk-free.
    Important: Moomoo campaigns are only valid until 31 Oct 2022.
  1. Bonus: if you send me screenshots via the forum to prove that you have made at least 10 trades/investments with Moomoo, you will be awarded with an additional 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe!
    Note: There are no time limit to this.
  2. More Bonus: If you would like to have tickets to upcoming Jay Chou concert, here is yet another reason to sign up with Moomoo! With deposit of >20,000, you will be able to redeem one free ticket! See here for more details!

With $0 commission for US stocks forever and $0 platform fees for a year, SGD 40 stock/fund coupons, FREE L2 real-time US market data, and free StocksCafe subscription, what are you waiting for?

Note: Learn more about Moomoo’s fees on this page.

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