One relatively under-utilized feature in StocksCafe is Alerts. At this point, there are only 615 unique users using it.

Recently, we have made two improvements based on suggestions by Friends of StocksCafe. Hopefully, it will make the Alerts feature more prominent and useful.

1) More accessible
In the past, it is not easy to navigate to the Alerts feature. In addition, the stock must first be added to your watchlist first before you can set an alert. That constraint is now removed. You can set alerts for any stock, regardless of whether or not the stock is in your watchlist.

Additionally, theres is now an “Alerts” tab on the individual stock page that will list all triggered alerts for that stock (e.g. DBS).

2) More flexible
In the past, you can only set Technical Alerts (e.g. DBS). That is, alerts can only be based on price, volume and ex-date. Now, you can literally choose from >100 different metrics and mix and match them however you want.

(Yes, it is actually the same as the Screener alerts. The added improvement is that you can now easily create a single stock subset so that you can set conditions for just one stock with the minimum number of clicks.)

As always, I’m happy to get feedback about the new improvements to this feature.

Happy investing!

ps: See related article about alerts.

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