US Market Information Updates


I have not worked much on the US market beyond adding EOD data and other basic features, and I’m happy to announce that I finally had some time to improve as well as add a few new features to it.

1) Similar Stocks – You can now see other stocks that are similar to the one you are viewing (e.g. Google) on the right hand side (in desktop view).

2) Shared Portfolio Statistics – You are now able to see how many others (of those who have explicitly chosen to share their portfolios) own the stock that you are currently viewing (e.g. Facebook).

3) More news – You might realize that there is significantly more news related to US stocks than before (e.g. Apple). I only recently discovered that my upstream provider actually provides news data as well 🙂

This weekend, I will work on completing the addition of US fundamental data to StocksCafe so that we can start screening US stocks.

If there are features of other markets that you would really like to see in the US market, please let me know.

Happy investing!


  • Yes and no. It is being requested for by several Friends of StocksCafe but it is not my top priority to get LSE in StocksCafe.

  • ha.. okie.. No promises but I will do my best! LSE is getting too popular for me to ignore. Would simply the EOD data be sufficient? With that, we will be able to add LSE stocks into portfolio.

  • For my simple purposes, since all i need is an all-in-one location to track my investments, EOD would be perfect.

Evan Koh



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